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10 Benefits of Using Blackout Blinds At Home

10 Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds help improve people’s sleeping patterns and also provide a number of other benefits that can prove invaluable. Read on to find out more:

1. Better sleep

A Sleep Council study showed that Blackout Blinds helped participants get nearly an hour more high-quality sleep every night than homes without them. The reason for this is simple – blackout blinds block all light from entering the bedroom during daylight hours. Meaning the brain knows it’s time to go to sleep as it won’t be receiving any visual signals from daylight outside. This helps you fall asleep faster and ensures better quality sleep when you do nod off. Resulting in increased energy levels throughout the day.

2. Study shows they reduce stress level

Blackout Blinds have also been shown to help reduce stress levels. A study by the University of Surrey found that people who used blackout blinds in their homes had a lower cortisol (stress hormone) level during the day. Cortisol is known to be damaging to our long-term health. So anything that can help keep it at bay is definitely a good thing!

3. Keep bedrooms cooler in summer

During the hot summer months, having blackout blinds fitted can help keep your bedroom cooler as they prevent any incoming sunlight from warming up the room. This can lead to you being able to sleep cooler and more comfortable during the night, which is an added bonus.

4. They’re great for kids’ rooms

Children can be very fussy when it comes to their bedroom lighting. If they are trying to sleep and there is too much light coming in, then they will struggle to nod off. Blackout blinds can block out all light completely, helping children get a better night’s sleep time after time. This in turn will help children behave better during the day because of increased energy levels!

5. Help you sell your home more easily

If you’re planning on selling your home but are worried there might not be enough interest because it doesn’t look “modern”, worry no more! Installing blackout blinds throughout the house could give you the edge over other homes. Meaning people will come rushing through your door to view what is actually a really contemporary-looking property.

6. They save energy and money

Blackout blinds play a part in helping you save energy and therefore money as well. As they will prevent your home from heating up during the day. This means that your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard to keep your rooms cool, which can lead to huge savings on those hefty power bills!

7. Perfect for lounge or dining rooms

If you’d like some extra insulation for specific parts of your home then blackout blinds are ideal because they shut out all light entirely. Great if you spend a lot of time in these common spaces. Not only will this them cozier but it will also mean that any energy being lost will be reduced, which again leads to savings on your bills.

8. Protect your furniture from fading

Blackout Blinds Dubai can help protect the color of your furniture by not allowing light in during the day. Which can often lead to furniture fading and becoming damaged more quickly than it should. Keeping a room darker means less damage is done to the appearance of your sofas, curtains, and carpets!

9. Increase home security

Who would want to break into a house when they know there is very little chance of being able to see anything inside? Blackout blinds provide an extremely high level of security for you and your family because they shut out all light entirely! Any would-be burglars will definitely think twice before attempting to rob your home with these fitted.

10. Can be made to fit any window size

Whether you have a large bay window or a small, awkward-shaped window. Blackout blinds can be made to measure so that they perfectly fit the space. This means there is no need for you to have to compromise on your desired level of darkness – blackout blind can do it all!


Blackout blinds offer a whole range of benefits, from helping you sleep more at night to acting as a security feature that can protect both you and your family. Materialize has been manufacturing custom-made blackout blind for many years so whatever type you need. We will be more than happy to help. All blackout blind comes with a manufacturing warranty which means if anything happens to the blind after it has been fitted. We will replace it free of charge – perfect!

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