10 Reasons You Should Join IAS Online Coaching

IAS online coaching is a great opportunity for young students who aspire to join one of the most sought-after professions in the country. The IAS is only offered through UPSC. It is an entrance examination with tough eligibility criteria. A few years (or even months) can make all the difference between success and failure, given the cut-throat competition. The candidates have to prepare for years before joining the IAS. But, what about the students who cannot attend physical coaching classes for IAS preparation? Are they left behind?

The answer is IAS online coaching. Yes, you read that right. IAS online coaching provides you with an opportunity to prepare for the IAS exams virtually. This removes the constraints of time and place. You can enroll for the course online, anytime. We provide you with video lessons (that mimic face-to-face classes), printable study material, interactive tests, and lots more. Here are ten reasons why IAS online coaching is ideal for all students aspiring to join the Indian Administrative Service.

  1. Flexible Timings

IAS online coaching classes give you the freedom to study at any time you want. You enroll, learn and take tests according to your convenience. With IAS online coaching, you need not worry about completing a set of lessons during office hours or catching up with your friends for coaching classes. The flexible timings are suitable for students who are employed, too.

  1. Study Material

The coaching institute provides you with all the study material that you need to prepare for the exams. You will get complete video lessons, a question bank including previous year questions papers, digital books, and full-length tests that simulate exam conditions. The students can also access eBooks on their mobile phones/tablets to stay updated about the latest news of upcoming examinations (IAS Prelims & Mains).

  1. Video Lessons Replicate Classroom Teaching

IAS online coaching classes almost replicate classroom teaching through videos of lectures by expert teachers. These videos enable the students to learn at their own pace on any given day in an environment similar to face-to-face tutorials. The video lectures are easy to understand and simplified to ensure quick assimilation of concepts by the students.

  1. Assignments & Tests

IAS online coaching classes provide you with regular assignments, tests, and mock interviews which help you perfect your study techniques. You can also stay updated about important events through our e-newsletter “The IAS Chronicle”. The student community is an essential part of any class. We have created a forum for IAS aspirants where they can interact with each other, ask questions, discuss topics, etc. It helps them establish new friendships that last forever!

  1. Digital Library for eBooks

A Digital library is a boon for those who cannot carry heavy books or study material during their long commute or travel. You can download our digital books from our website’s digital library, read them on your tablet/mobile phone, and learn anywhere-anytime! All you need is a Wi-Fi network or internet connectivity to access this facility.

  1. Multiple Choice Questions Simulator

IAS online coaching provides a comprehensive package of testing features that help students assess their preparation levels before going for the final exams. It enables them to have a thorough understanding of the concepts and subject matter. Students can test their knowledge quotient with a variety of questions in our question bank including previous year’s questions papers.

  1. Conducts Test for IAS Prelims

The coaching classes conduct tests for prelims every month. These tests are helpful for the students who want to identify their strong and weak areas before taking up main exams. It helps them improve their performance in the prelims exam, by enabling them to revise study material regularly.

  1. MOCK Test for IAS Mains

IAS online coaching also provides mock tests for mains. You can take these tests before the actual prelims exam to prepare yourself for tough situations during official exams. It gives you an idea of how much time you should give to each question and what strategies you need to employ to score marks!

  1. Personal Attention

The mentors at IAS online coaching classes are highly qualified and experienced. They guide students throughout the preparation period with a personal touch. The teachers go the extra mile in solving problems of students so that they can learn from their mistakes and achieve success in IAS exams.

Final Words:

These are just a few reasons why you should join online coaching classes the next time you prepare for IAS exams. It is an excellent alternative to classroom teaching which provides students with flexibility, freedom and offers maximum chances of success!

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