12 Techniques For YouTube Video Promotion To Increase Views

Every month, billions of users access YouTube, where each day, billions of hours of video are watched. However, over 23 million YouTube channels compete for viewers’ attention. How do you advertise your YouTube channel without preventing your videos from getting lost in the vast amount of content?

Not to worry. I’ll outline about 12 YouTube video promotion techniques in this article to help you increase your YouTube views and revenue. I advise you to look at a few additional YouTube tools that might improve your workflow and increase the impact of your marketing initiatives.

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As I mentioned in the YouTube video promotion piece, the artificial intelligence-based YouTube algorithm is what drives 70% of user viewing, so let’s start by taking a closer look at the key components of the algorithm.

This article includes affiliate links, as noted. It implies that if you register via my link, I will receive a commission (at no extra cost to you). I only endorse goods that I really value and adore. I value your assistance.

It’s no longer enough to just get someone to click on your video and start viewing it. The YouTube algorithm favoured content with a high view count until 2012. However, it has since been adjusted in order to maximise long-term viewer engagement and happiness.

Two things that significantly influence are:

  • Watch Time: The length of time spent watching a video.
  • Total time spent on YouTube during a session.

Because the algorithm “follows the audience,” you must prioritise user retention and maximise user engagement. The likes/dislikes and “not interested” responses are a couple of other crucial metrics that the algorithm uses.

Professional YouTubers are adept at using statistics to identify trends in their behaviour that cause sudden decreases in their audience. One client of Tim Schmoye’s observed, for instance, that his viewership decreased each time he used the phrase “module.” It caused him to cease using the word in his videos, flattening his retention graph in the process.

How can you lengthen your session, then?

While you’ll see a couple strategies later in the essay, publishing consistently every week is a terrific plan. Your YouTube video promotion may be moved to your audience’s home page if you do this and become a regular part of their weekly routine. As a result, your video opens each of their YouTube sessions. Isn’t that worthwhile?

Spend time on SEO for YouTube

YouTube is the third-largest search engine in the world. You can obtain free views each and every month if you can rank your video in the top spots of the YouTube SERP.

How can your ranking improve?

Well, a search on YouTube does not return a list of the most popular videos. The user is shown the most pertinent movies and channels. Among the matters you must attend to are the following:

Include relevant keywords in the title and description of your video: Text can be parsed directly by the YouTube algorithm. You can tell YouTube to take your target keyword into account for the search by mentioning it in the metadata.

How do you identify a sentence that accurately sums up the information in your video? It’s just your standard keyword research, and for that, I suggest utilising a programme like Tubebuddy (review here) or vidIQ (review here).

Include subtitles:

By including subtitles, you give yourself the chance to interact with and reach an audience around the world. If at any point your voice is unclear, it also enhances the user experience for your local viewers.

Create Unique Thumbnails:

The thumbnail is the first visual connection a potential viewer has with your YouTube video promotion. They are more likely to click through if your thumbnail is visually appealing and your headline piques their interest. People will be able to recognise your videos more easily if they have a consistent appearance and feel.


It’s essential that viewers engage with your video after clicking on it. Do most visitors watch your video for at least half its duration? Additionally, do they like, dislike, comment on, and subscribe to your video? The more participation, the better.


Pro tip: You can also use pertinent tags that are being used by other videos. You might not rank immediately in YouTube search using these tags. However, you can draw some attention to yourself and generate traffic through the “recommended videos” option.


Work with additional channels

Want to be seen by a group of people who haven’t heard of you?

then work along with other artists. Cross-promotion is a fantastic strategy for rapidly growing your following. Simple mechanisms are used. Instant social proof is created when a creative with a comparable audience (and perhaps different material) endorses your work. It encourages their audience to learn more about you.

Find channels that are similar to these to identify possible colleagues.

  • Influence: Chances of a collaboration developing are slim if you are contacting a channel that has 10 times as many subscribers as you do. If not, you must provide them with some other form of value.
  • The type of your audience can be determined by looking at their viewing habits and other channels. You can find a few interesting creators to partner with in your comment area.

A fantastic resource for finding channels with comparable size and demographics is Social Blade.

Use Other Social Media Channels As Promotion

Do you already have a following on another social media site?

Your new YouTube video promotion can get some traction even if you only have a few hundred friends and followers. I planned the updates to happen within the first 24 hours after a video release with my friends and family.

The position of the video in SERPs is determined by the engagement and social proof counts from the first few hours following publication.

In addition to using this as a long-term tactic, consider contacting websites that feature articles with embedded videos that are similar to yours.

You can contact a website that has already written about a topic to explain how your video enhances it with “media” content. and lengthens their stay on the page.

Share your new videos with them if you already have an email list or website. It’s a fantastic strategy for generating interest and launching views. These preliminary interaction measurements are used by the YouTube algorithm to determine if the video will be shared further on the platform.

Request assistance from your audience

The YouTube audience is more accustomed to call to actions than audiences on other social media sites. It’s courtesy of the “Like, Comment, and Subscribe” ethos that platform video creators have ingrained.

During these crucial times, you can explicitly ask your audience for assistance:

To get notified of your channel’s updates, you can invite viewers to “push the bell icon” at the beginning of the video.

End screens: Viewers “expect” an engagement bait at the conclusion of the video. As a result, retention significantly declines. Be careful not to switch frames and continue speaking when the finish screen displays.

The majority of people won’t read your video description, unfortunately. You can still ask to share videos from your channel here, though.

Make Use Of YouTube Stories And The Community Tab

Since they are relatively new, not all authors have access to these two technologies. They represent YouTube’s attempt to give its users a full-fledged social media experience.

You can communicate with your audience by asking questions if your website has a community option. It is used by The School of Life to publish the written essays that go along with their fascinating video drawings.

The tab can be used YouTube video promotion for your upcoming videos.

The format of YouTube’s tales is similar to that of other social media websites like Instagram. The distinction is that while these quick video posts are likewise transient, they do so for a full week. The articles are currently only accessible to channels with more than 10,000 members.

On its YouTube channel, vidIQ frequently engages with its subscribers and shares such interactions as stories.

Adhere to The Netflix System

Making one outstanding solo video could earn you a few view hours. Making a series is a better approach that encourages binge-watching.

Choosing a topic that will appeal to your audience is the first step. If you’ve been a creator for some time and have acquired enough data, you can also find out the same information by looking at your YouTube Analytics. Otherwise, you can use tools for keyword research.

A fascinating series screenplay can be written once the subject is decided. Make the series once you’ve practised and polished it. You can generate interest in it prior to release by releasing a few trailers.

Finally, you have two options for releasing the series:

  • All at once: This is how Netflix has always operated, and it gives consumers convenience and a smooth viewing experience.
  • Additionally, you can generate buzz for each episode and release them once a week. Every new video can be added to a playlist as well. Your viewers will become more eager and eager to check your channel frequently as a result.

Because they demand a large budget and excellent storytelling abilities, series are an underused weapon on YouTube. However, when done effectively, it can be a tool for channel promotion.

Pro Tip: You may include all of the YouTube video promotion above in a playlist for a series. A video may be included in as many playlists as desired, but only one series playlist can contain it. Therefore, these playlists are helpful for high-level channel classification.

Create playlists from your videos.

Each of your videos needs to be in at least three playlists, even if you’re not making a series. A playlist is a useful tool to lengthen users’ sessions when used tastefully (and with the audience’s experience in mind).

How can you advertise your playlists? Typically, they don’t appear in YouTube search. To however point viewers to further videos on your channel that are relevant, use end screens in your videos. It’s a fantastic method for extending session time.

Where appropriate, you can even include videos from other channels in your playlists. The user’s session length improves if a viewer who was directed to your video enjoys watching them. Your YouTube video promotion will therefore rank higher as a result.

Attract Customers With The Big Search Daddy

How would you like Google to continuously send viewers to your videos?

Despite the fact that Google’s video SERPs have been steadily rising, the majority of artists still only operate within the YouTube ecosystem.

In fact, Google favours video material for some terms, or at the very least delivers mixed media content. If you can obtain a sample for your video, the vibrant thumbnail it sports will help drive consistent visitors to your channel.

Enter the keyword in Google and navigate to the video carousel to optimise your video. Additionally, a specialised video SERP might be found, which is even better. Next, find out what Google prefers in terms of content, titles, and video duration.

Please be aware that video SERPs are unstable before you start generating. Make sure the video results have been generating organic traffic steadily for a while. A fantastic tool for the same is Ahrefs.

Here are the outcomes, for instance, when you search “how to make a knot.”

Hold a competition or giveaway

A contest is a fantastic way to get your community involved and boost interest on your channel. The participants like sharing their contributions with their personal networks, which exposes you to a new audience for your channel in addition to boosting engagement.

Let’s examine a case in point. With his video Fingerpicking 101, guitarist Rob Scallon urged his viewers to take part in a cover competition. For the same, he worked with Yousician.

He received 116 entries in the month-long competition. Besides the winner, who received a Rob Scallon Chapman guitar, he announced 20 other winners.

And what’s this?

You may receive a LOT of interesting and enjoyable crowdfunded stuff if your target audience is other creators.

If you don’t want to give away your own products, getting a business to sponsor your contest is a terrific idea. Alternately, you can attempt to award a prize with a high perceived worth. For instance, Rob Scallon held his first contest in 2010 using the aforementioned song. One Rob

Scallon CD was given to the contest winner.

You can send emails with your partnership proposal to the appropriate personnel at the target company.

Participate in live streams to get your channel evaluated.

Have you seen the comments asking for subscribers to my channel so that my family may watch? Yes, I agree that they are a pain. I bring them up because there is a comparable yet more genuine technique to promote your channel.

You may participate in real-time channel reviews on YouTube through channels like vidIQ. Additionally to learning how to develop your channel, it gives your channel free exposure. Even while it won’t have much of an impact, it’s good for creators who are just getting started on YouTube.

The audit schedule is posted by vidIQ on their YouTube channel. Go ahead and remember yourself to attend the following one: vidIQ YouTube.

Reverse-engineer tried-and-true subjects and seize trends

With the help of two videos, Jennelle Eliana reached the one million subscriber mark on YouTube. What went well for her? The first is that she deliberately chose topics that had a high demand. Just take a look at the quantity of “van life”-related videos that have been viewed.

She chose a hot topic, which is the second crucial element. It suggests that the season and the increase in “van life” content on YouTube indicate an upward trend. The search term “van life” was beginning to spike, as you can see from the graph below, according to vidIQ.

How do you identify topics like these that are likely to attract more viewers? Your movie concept ideas can be entered into a keyword research tool. Find a window of opportunity where there is great demand and little competition.

Keeping an eye out for pop culture themes like “Star Wars” in December will be beneficial. To keep up with trends, you can utilise “Google Trends.”

Keep in Mind The Fundamentals Of videomaking

As was mentioned, building up a sizable viewership can help you stand out and get benefits from the YouTube algorithm. Sure, strategies like coming up with a compelling hook and making lengthy videos are cool.

Your tale, however, is the overriding technique that decides if a viewer is emotionally engaged. For one sketch, you should ideally have one major concept. Then, every component in your video should reinforce this main idea. It is a distraction and will cause your audience to lose interest if you veer off topic.

You need to find something that an audience is interested in, as Casey Neistat phrased it. After then, share it with others so that they can benefit from it as well.

There are a few additional items you should consider:

Jump cuts are a terrific method to capture the attention of a viewer who is about to lose interest when utilised sensibly and tastefully.

It’s All About Audio: Creating stunning sights doesn’t need spending a fortune on equipment. But to have a wonderful listening experience, the audio output must be kept at a high level.

Final Reflections

There is an enormously active audience on YouTube. It’s a fantastic chance for marketers and video producers. Nevertheless, the many hours of videos that are posted every day make it simple to get lost. Planning how you will market your videos and attract viewers is a superior method.

You came across twelve effective methods to do it in this article. They will require time and effort to perfect, but most creators can use them (even ones low on marketing budget).

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