5 Common Pregnancy Myths Busted For New Mothers

Pregnancy can bring in a lot of anxiety along with excitement and happiness, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. Almost every one you meet will try to give you tips and pieces of advice for a healthy pregnancy journey. As your first time, you tend to follow whatever others tell you because you can’t risk the safety of your child in any condition. But guess what? Most of them are myths. Listen to only professionals. And you can always keep a track of your baby’s health via a 4D sonogram in Midland. Here are 5 common pregnancy myths for you-

Myth 1 – Morning sickness happens only in the morning

Busted! This myth probably started with the name itself. Believe it or not, morning sickness can happen at night, or in fact during any time of the day. It got its name ‘Morning sickness’ because some women have it worst in the morning. But it can happen at any time of the day, so be prepared.

Myth 2- Sex is a big no-no 

Busted! You can have sex if you want unless you are told otherwise by your doctor. Sex is useful for some women, by increasing the blood flow in their pelvic area. Remember, that every woman’s pregnancy experience is unique. Your health status will determine what is healthy for you and what to avoid. Always consult your doctor if you are not sure about something. You can also opt for a gender scan in Midland to determine the sex of your baby. 

Myth 3- You should avoid exercise during pregnancy

Busted! Exercise can actually help most women go through a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Remember, you must always consult your doctor before doing so or starting a new routine. There are in fact, special routines for pregnant women which you can do under the instructions of a health care professional. Your baby’s health can be monitored via a 4D sonogram in Midlandso you don’t have to worry about hurting the baby.  

Myth 4- A pregnant woman should eat for two

Busted! Overeating can do more harm than good. Your calorie intake will be determined according to your health and the health of the baby. Please consult a nutritionist before taking action on your own. You may have to increase certain nutrients in your diet if your nutritionist tells you so.

Myth 4– There are certain ways to tell the sex of the baby without a sonogram

Busted! Some people believe that you can determine the sex of your baby by how much weight you gained, how you look, and various other conditions. Well, the only way you can find out if it’s a boy or a girl is through a gender scan. Many parents want to know their baby’s sex before birth, you can know it via a gender scan in Midland.

Final Thoughts-

The pregnancy journey can be overwhelming for a new mother. You will get hundred different pieces of information from hundreds of sources. Remember the only valid source of information is from your health care professionals. Information from all other sources are generic and you need individual care and attention for a healthy journey.   

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