5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

If you have a real daunting case that makes you feel nervous, you probably have the wrong lawyer. It is important to ensure that whom you are working with, knows what he should at least. That attitude should not only reflect in the court, but also with the clients. Hence you should see if your lawyer at least has these 5 qualities while looking for a Law firm in Bangalore.

5 qualities to look for in a lawyer 

Communication skills 

As a lawyer, the first thing you should be good at is conveying what you are thinking. In that case, if you have trouble communicating with the court, then you will lose the case regardless of having good pointers. Hence when you are speaking or consulting a lawyer, be very observant and see his communication skills.  But not only in the court, but communication skills should also reflect on paperwork as well. One should have the knowledge of writing proper depositions while ensuring the words are clear enough for others to understand. Lawyer communication skills must be magnificent that that lawyer must be able to put their point in interest of their client.


Another important factor that a lot of lawyers in India recommend when looking for a lawyer is experience. Although that does not mean that every experienced lawyer is good. But the chances are that a good lawyer will be an experienced one. Therefore go into their background and check their educational and working history. Look at how many cases has he or she won and only then take things forward.

Researching skills

A Law firm in Bangalore should take pride in the way they get out information. A lawyer is no less than a detective when it comes to finding out information. Therefore see how much they are involved in your case and how much are they involved in your case. Give them a couple of days and see what they have dug up when you meet them again. Lawyer research must be valid and efficient while taken into account of legal strategies which protect the interest of the client.

Ethics and honesty 

A worker of the law should at least have the decency to follow a certain set of ethics. They are expected to be honest and upfront. Moreover, if a lawyer is not ethical or honest, would develop a reputation of the same. If you hear things like that about your lawyer, then you should immediately think of finding a replacement. Lawyers in India should not have a reputation for being dishonest considering the judicial system is very stringent.


Finally, a lawyer is nothing without sources and resources. This is developed by maintaining a rapport. Lawyers have excellent people skills or they should. Thus, look into how many people was your lawyer talking to while you were walking to his office. Notice how he treats the people he is talking to.  


Therefore, to sum up, having a good lawyer is essential. If you are looking for a good lawyer who would ensure some good results, then there are a couple of online websites. These websites provide every lawyer’s detail and make it easier for you to choose. Lawyer with this skill can take your case forward your case and surely help you win it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find a Good Lawyer?

To find a lawyer you need to assure that your lawyer must have these qualities like experience, communication skills, Researching skills, Ethics and honesty and Rapport.

2. What is the most important skills a lawyer must possess apart from above mentioned skills?

A lawyer must have following skills

  • Analytical Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Logical Thinking Ability
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Work Under pressure
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Understanding People

3. From where you get a lawyer who have all these skills?

To get a good lawyer for your case that also have these skills you need to judge that your lawyer

  • If your lawyer have a professional and courtesy towards your case.
  • You need to assure that lawyer understand your case and it’s needs
  • Check weather your lawyer coordinate with you properly and show tremendous leadership skills.
  • Look is your client responsive or not in every extreme situations also.

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