5 Reasons PRP Hair Treatment Is a Good Thing

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PRP hair treatment is an injection that triggers hair growth. The therapy helps increase the blood supply to the hair follicle and shaft thickness. Though it might be a new approach that doctors use for hair loss treatment, they have been treating patients with ligament and injured tendons, especially athletes.

Platelet-rich-platelet involves a medical treatment that takes a few steps: drawing blood from the patient (primarily hands) and processing it through rapid spinning to separate the components. Then, the practitioner brings the ideal part and injects it into the scalp. 

It’s the platelets that consist of certain growth factors that help promote hair growth. PRP injection can be effective as it rejuvenates the hair roots. 

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

1. Non-Surgical Procedure

You don’t always have to go under the knife to achieve your aesthetic goals. PRP treatment is proof of that as it’s a non-surgical procedure. It involves the patient’s blood, where part of it (platelets) gets injected into the targeted area via a syringe. It doesn’t penetrate deep and causes no pain, nor does it have significant side effects. 

2. Natural Looking Results

PRP treatment in palm desert ensures their patients get their desired results that are natural-looking. And this is possible due to this process that uses the patient’s blood platelets with the same DNA structure. So, the treatment does not only appear natural but long-lasting.

3. Minimal Side-Effects

Since PRP therapy does not involve cuts or surgical procedures, patients can quickly resume their work after the treatment. So, after the injection, there is no risk of infectious disease or allergies as this is a safe treatment. However, these are some side effects. You can expect after this treatment:

  • Nausea.
  • Scalp pain.
  • Irritation following treatment
  • Dizziness.
  • Minor scar tissue at the injection area.
  • Nerves injury

These side effects, such as pain, will diminish after 3-4 weeks. And the rest should completely disappear within three to six months. But if these persist or worsen, you can immediately consult your medical provider. 

4. Quick Procedure

Although hair treatment involves a few medical processes, it doesn’t take long. Despite the process of drawing blood and spinning, the entire procedure takes about 45-60 minutes. You don’t have to take the whole day in the clinic because this is a quick process that you can have in your doctor’s office. 

5. Highly Effective

Due to the growth factors in platelet-rich plasma, PRP has been proven effective as it stimulates the hair follicles. After a few months, you can start noticing some visible improvements. Doctors also recommend maintenance treatments to continue enjoying the great results. However, you will need more than one treatment session to achieve your desired goals.

Costs of PRP Hair Treatment

While the pricing of PRP hair treatment ranges from $1,500–$3,500. Patients require multiple injection results, starting from $400 or more. But the actual pricing will depend on the below factors: 

  • Quality of equipment
  • Your geographic location
  • Any additional nutritive components

Most insurance providers don’t cover PRP therapy as they consider it cosmetic. However, always check with your insurance provider if this is possible. It would be ideal for planning before you commit.

Who Can Benefit From PRP Hair Treatment?

Hair loss can happen due to several factors such as:

Androgenic Alopecia

Those suffering from male/female pattern baldness, a hereditary condition, are around 80 million in the United States. So, men and women with this problem have benefitted from PRP treatment in the palm desert.

Telogen Effluvium

if you can avoid high stress, which is one of the causes of hair loss, you can reduce the chance of this problem. It affects the hair follicles to go into a resting phase, and then you start noticing hair fall while combing. Addressing this problem will help solve the problem faster. People with recent hair loss have a higher chance of fixing this quickly with PRP injection. 

PRP injections work best for people with thinning hair or patch balding and not completely bald. PRP injections help to thicken, strengthen, and enhance the growth of hair follicles that are still functioning.

In Conclusion

PRP treatment in the palm desert has benefited many people suffering from hair loss problems, including celebrities and other renowned personalities. Though some doctors are still getting to know this relatively new procedure, it’s effective, and many have responded well to this treatment suitable for men and women. Since it’s one of the safest treatments for hair loss, there’s nothing to lose or fear when you commit to this hair loss treatment. 

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