5 Reasons Why You Should Refinance Your Home Loan

A home loan is a long-term loan that keeps going on for 20- 30 years of tenure. It is a high-value loan that can even exceed crores depending upon the eligibility criteria and the loan provider. It is through a home loan that an individual can buy a home that he or she has always dreamt of having. Having a home is a big financial commitment that you make to yourself. You have to pay the EMI for an easy home loan for a good number of years.

If at any point in time you find that you are not being able to pay the EMI and there is some sort of void or crisis, you need to make sure that you do a home loan balance transfer. A home loan balance transfer will help you cope up with the crisis and makes your loan affordable and you will be able to find the right experience. Before you go ahead and do it, you must know everything about a home loan balance transfer.

What is a home loan balance transfer?

A home loan balance transfer is a process where the remaining loan repayment balance is transferred to a new loan account with a different loan provider. There are various reasons why a balance transfer is done and a new loan is taken. When you transfer your existing home loan amount, you start with a new home loan. A different loan provider will offer you better features, rates, and favorable terms that make you look out for a transfer. A home loan balance transfer is done to get the burden off. Better rates and appropriate tenure of loan are a few things that you will want to have, once a home loan becomes a burden.

There are high chances that a home loan may become a burden because it goes on for years and you may face some kind of crisis or void that leads to a bad situation. Opting for a balance transfer will be fruitful when you get low rates, new loans, favorable tenure, and good terms with your new loan provider. When you decide to transfer a loan you should only do it when the terms are meeting your requirements and expectations.

Reasons, why you should balance transfer your home loan

Better rate of interest

If you avail housing loan when the rate of interest was high for the regime, it can become a burden on you. If you feel you are not able to carry on paying a high rate of interest every month, you can balance the transfer. A home loan goes for more than 20 years and keeping on paying a high rate of interest for more than 20 years is a huge burden that you cannot go for. If you transfer your balance, you will get a low rate of interest. After all, that is why you are transferring your balance. So make sure the loan provider you are transferring to has better rates for you. Do not settle for the same or more rates than what you are getting now.

Better tenure

If you feel you have chosen the wrong tenure before, you need to make the changes. By transferring the balance of the home loan, you can choose a different loan tenure. If you want a low EMI, you need to choose a long-term loan. Similarly, if you feel you can manage a high amount, you can go for a short-term loan. This will help you get the right tenure to get the best borrowing experience. Since you have already done a mistake by choosing the wrong tenure that gives you an EMI you cannot pay when you balance transfer make sure you choose the right tenure.

New amount

If you are having a good track record on your existing home loan, there are chances of getting a new loan. When you transfer your loan, your loan provider offers you a new loan or you ask for, after deducting the pending repayment amount. This way you get hold of some good amount of money and you just have one loan and a single EMI to pay. Learn How to calculate business loan by using business loan calculator.

Low charges and rates

When you balance transfer the home loan you need to go for low charges that make the total cost of the loan low. It will help you get the right charges if previously you had high charges.

Better terms and conditions

If you were not pleased with the terms and conditions imposed by the existing home loan provider, go for a balance transfer so that you get a new loan provider with better terms and conditions.

Finishing up

Avail housing loan from Clix Capital at a low rate of interest. If you find your EMI or rate of interest is becoming a burden go for an easy home loan transfer so that you get better rates and charges.


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