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5 Things To Know Before Painting James Hardie Calgary Sidings

James Hardie Calgary Boards have created quite a buzz in the market. Due to the remarkable properties and extensive warranty claim period. It has grabbed the attention of both commercial and individual constructors. With a warranty period of 30 years.  There are customized options available for each climate zone. The products are customized to match different weather conditions, humidity levels.  To possible environmental threats such as insects, fire, etc.

The team of James Hardie has successfully concocted. A unique formula that is heat, fire, insect, and storm-resistant. The perfectly tailored combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber grant it.  To extra protective coverage. The effort invested in mimicking wood. While not compromising on its unique qualities offers. It leverage over its competitors. The super-resistive formula of Hardie sidings in Calgary. It never fails to beautify our homes. While protecting them from environmental threats and calamities.

Are Hardie Sidings Pre-Painted of James Hardie Calgary?

Hardie Board Suppliers in Calgary. The parent manufacturing team takes special care.  In perfectly tailoring the product with non-damageable color quality. The ColorPlus technology utilizes by manufacturers.  To permanently embed. The color in the board secures its vibrance and freshness. The color is baked twice and thrice with the board mixture. To enhance the final look. Therefore, when the product leaves the factory. It already has 2-3 coats of color.  Those are not going to fade anytime soon.

Should I Paint My Siding?

Despite the pre-painted nature of the product, it often happens that color does not blend with the theme of the home. Or generally, the consumer is not happy with the natural color of the siding. Hence, many people opt to paint their sidings. According to their liking.

Are you also thinking about painting your James Hardie sidings? We are here with a mini-guide of what to know before painting your sidings. So, let’s check out!

Check out Warranty Claim

Hardie sidings in Calgary are sold with a warranty claim of 30 years. The warranty conditions may vary with different products e.g., weather barriers, soffits, backer boards, etc. But with any of the products, the warranty does not offer coverage on any alterations done on the boards, or on product damage due to using the wrong installation procedure.

Painting the sidings also comes under the umbrella of product alteration. A general idea is that painting voids half of the warranty claim period. However, it is a better idea to contact the Hardie board supplier in Calgary. To get detailed information on the prospective void in the warranty claim period.

Prepare The Boards

Once you have made up your mind to paint the James Hardie Sidings. It is time to prepare the boards. The sidings do not require much attention and time. When they are new. However, if you are going to paint a board that had been in use for quite a long time. Then follow the caulk, clean, and wash steps to make it dirt-free and perfectly ready for the paint application.

Use siliconized acrylic-based caulks to seal all the nicks, gaps, and joints. As they offer a smooth finish to the final look. Ask for a detailed sealing guide from your Hardie board suppliers in Calgary. To avoid any damage to the product. Next, clean the bird droppings, and mildews by mixing one part bleach and three-part water. Use brush and water to wipe off the dirt and marks.

Flaking is crucial when you are repainting the already painted sidings. Consider using a hard bristle brush to remove peeling off paints, and bumps. It smoothens the painting procedure. As well as gives a smooth finish to the Hardie Sidings.

Complete Priming Step of James Hardie Calgary

Next comes the priming step. Priming makes your paint stick perfectly to the surface. Also enhances the life of the painted surface. Professionals of Hardie Siding in Calgary recommend using exterior latex stain-blocking. Masonry primers for a clean finish. New products come pre-primed with a warranty time of 180 days. However, it is always a good idea to prime your product because you never know the validity of the primer.

Choose Your Paint

Professionals in Hardie sidings Calgary choose 100% Acrylic-based paints. As they do the maximum justice to the boards.  As compared to oil-based paints. Latex Paint is the most recommended option.  As it is super adhesive. Which avoids early product failure. Some James Hardie customized latex paints are selling with an additional solution. To prevent mildews formation.

NorthEast Remodeling group recommends using Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint. As is considering one of the topmost acrylic latex exterior paints. Both brush and spray-based applications using for the product application. Mostly, professionals go after.  The spray paints for a smooth finish. Use a 2-coat paint procedure.  To last it a long term.

When to Repaint James Hardie Calgary?

Hardie Sidings in Calgary comes with a heavy cost and lengthy installment procedures. But they will survive you a long term without any maintenance cost. Hardie sidings in itself come with 30 years warranty claim period. Additionally, the topcoats or the paint that you apply are not going to cost. You any penny before the next 15 years. So, paint your home, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Your investment of today will pay. You back a handsome return tomorrow.

Last Words

Wooden or vinyl products do not perform well in harsh climates.  Also, the paint applied on wooden articles requires a touchup every 3-4 years. Comparatively, Hardie boards are the safest option out. There for your home investment. Whether you are a commercial investor. Looking for building your own home. Contact Hardie board suppliers in Calgary for finalizing a quote.

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