5 Tips to Enhance Your B2B Paid Search Strategies

1.   Quality score

Although it is complex. Paid search marketers should apply some best practices for B2B paid search campaigns to enhance the quality score. And get a better campaign performance.

A few points to improve your quality score:

  • Paying attention to the match types selection according to your business objectives & keywords relevance for example you can find here a useful tool from Google AdWords or use this tip from Word Stream.
  • Removing unnecessary characters in ad texts such as “FREE” or using negative keyword lists.
  • – Avoiding overly generic ads that don’t clearly describe your products & services. Use mobile-friendly ad extensions that help you get a better CTR. Using negative keywords lists & bid modifiers to improve the performance of your campaigns. Optimizing the ad delivery according to the time of day for example you can use this AdWords script.
  • Cleaning up redundant or old campaigns that are not providing any conversion, for that, you can schedule automatic campaign optimizations based on ‘ad to spend’ delivering new ads & increasing their budgets automatically.

2.   Account structure

You should have separate accounts for B2B paid search marketing in each business unit. (e.g., by business vertical) and if possible, vertical markets (e.g., life sciences vs. telecom).

Do not mix them because account structures impact the reporting data. Which is very important for the B2B paid search marketers (e.g., CTR, CPC, and more). So do not mix different campaigns for different business units in a single account.

3.   Geo target

You should set geo-targeting as per your business objectives and KPIs such as ROI or conversions according to the location of your potential customers (e.g., by country, region & city) because it impacts directly on account performance also the relevance of local keywords which is crucial for B2B targeted campaigns: geographically targeted ads perform better than non-targeted ones and they offer higher click-through rate and lower cost per conversion, so you can enhance your campaign clicks & conversions by using this powerful Google Adwords feature. Remember that Google allows you to target ads by country, region, or city and that geo-targeting can be useful for multinational B2B businesses.

4.   Account budget & bids management:

The most important rule does not mix your business units campaigns in a single account because it impacts directly on reporting data (e.g., CTR, CPC, and more), so, if possible, use separate accounts for each business unit (or vertical market such as life sciences vs telecom). If this is not possible at least do the same during the campaign setup phase (e.g., by daypart or weekday/time of the week, etc.)

5.   Ad extensions:

You should consider ad extensions that allow you to get a better CTR and increase your conversions. Keyword Match Types is very important to create separate ad groups for each keyword match type (e.g., phrase, exact & broad) and at least one negative keyword list, so there should be a separate ad group with its own ads and landing pages for each match type and/or negatives list:   because each keyword match type has different relevance and could provide conversions or not, so remember to apply this powerful AdWords feature into account while creating individual ad groups or campaign targeting specific business verticals. You can find more details about keyword match types

Here you can find a useful list from Google AdWords. You should also keep in mind the “5-1-1” rule, according to which 5 ad extensions are allowed on each ad group level (but only one site link extension) with a maximum of 3 per individual ad, so you should use carefully this powerful AdWords feature. Moreover, you should remember that if your account is restricted for policy violation by Google AdWords after applying for multiple ad extensions carelessly, then it will be very difficult to get an unrestricted status by dealing directly with them during their review process.

Please note that some B2B paid search marketers do not follow all these points and for that reason, they do not get the best results just by reading this article you can find 5 useful tips to enhance your B2B paid search strategies.

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