5 Types of Business Cards That Can Close The Deal

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Oh, visiting card, you are the one that always gets stuck in people’s pockets and stays there for a reasonable amount of time. Who can blame them really? You have been serving companies for ages now and have probably earned enough respect to be a bit lazy –just like any other company employee.

But what if I told you that you need to change? I know things aren’t easy. But now the competition is stronger than it has ever been! There are many types of business card designs available, and your boss wants to know you can do it better than the others.

Classics: Never Gets Old

Cheap and cheerful is the perfect name for this card that’s sure to drum up lots of business. It’s simple, but it has all you need. And if your ideas are on the sparse side, just follow this one. It’s tried and tested, widely accepted, and pretty easy to get right.

The classics never go out of fashion and are sure to attract the client’s attention towards your business. If you want to convey your contact details, nothing beats the classic design.

Classics: Never Gets Old

Designs As Wild As the West

For many designers, the business card is an opportunity to experiment with different formats. Some designers like to create tiny cards; other designers prefer to fold their cards into brochures.

However, it’s important to remember that the business card should serve as a reminder of your brand and your contact information, so you want to make sure it’s easy for people to store these cards in a way they can look at them again later.

This Salon Visiting Card Design is the one that adds creativity directly to the marketing techniques. The business card template will push you to experiment more and more with the design.

The Online Geeky Visiting Card

The techno-savvy business card holder gives out URLs for his Twitter account and Facebook page, underscoring his communicating habits. You may forget the business cards of those who rely on traditional methods–the phone number and address–, but you’ll never forget the card of one who uses social networking because they’re “wired.”

A visiting card created around the idea of social voice and image that’s what a social networker or marketer’s business card looks like.

Gadget on Paper

Think, my friend, think! Why do people call it a business card? Because it is a means of business for you. What will your client retain from your customer are the one punchline you had for your business and the visiting card that will make them remember your brand.

Give them something to take home. For example, if your business is about kitchen products, give them a grater like JWT Brazil did with their visiting card. A souvenir of your encounter becomes the basis of your business. How cool is that?

Gadget on Paper

Typographic Card

Typography has indeed changed the phase of designing around the world. Fonts can have a massive impact on people’s minds. It is a hack that you can use and tap into the brains of the person you see the potential in.

Don’t go around and control them, though. That’s punishable, at least we guess so. Anyway, a font can really make a profound mark on clients and create the impression that your brand needs to convey.

In other words, it can establish the tone of your business. A funky and rounded font tells your business is the one that takes fun seriously to an extent. Or using an elegant and straight-lined font tells that your business is smart, trendy, and forward-thinking.

That’s all about the fonts, but we are addressing the visiting cards that exclusively use typography to showcase the brand and business. Unrestrained use of professionally designed fonts on elegant designs holds the power to grasp your client’s attention.

business card creator platform

Bringing it to a close

We hope you enjoyed these types of business card designs and that you learned something new. Each design has its unique qualities and functions that make it the right choice for various circumstances.

Business cards aren’t just a great way to give out your contact information – they can be used to make a great first impression, tell someone more about what you do and entice them to take a look at your website or call you immediately. You can hit the design button with a business card creator platform on the internet such as PhotoAdKing.

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