5 Types of Car Detailing and Their Benefits

Car Detailing

Over time, the structure and parts of the car depreciate. New cars have a clear coat that fades over time due to the elements. To keep your car from losing its visual appeal, it’s wise to have it serviced regularly. Car detailing involves cleaning procedures that keep your car in the best possible condition to increase its value and improve its performance.

Different car detailing packages are available at different prices depending on the service company as well as the size and model of the car. Getting your car serviced regularly is a great way to save money. If your car is regularly detailed, you may not need to repair it as often and you will keep its value high.

Below are 5 types of auto detailing services available in the market:

1.  Waterless Mobile Car Washer

Most mobile car wash companies offer basic mobile car wash services as a basic package and the services offered vary by provider. For example, they may not wash the rims or vacuum the interior without first doing a light wipe, or they may not wear out the tires to compete with low prices or to sell to their customers.

The services offered are affected by factors such as traffic or the cost of the required supplies. A high-quality mobile car cleaning service offers a complete car wash, including dusting and wiping the interior, rim and glass cleaning, exterior washing and drying, and wheel waxing. This type of service keeps customers happy and coming back again and again.

2.  Complete Detail Of The Vehicle’s Interior

A complete car interior detailing process is a type of car detailing that cleans the interior of your car thoroughly and spotlessly. There are several techniques for this, such as steam cleaning and vacuuming. Dirty contents can result in unpleasant odors or the spread of allergens. For these reasons, you should take care of the interior of your car as well as the exterior.

The interior gets dirty easily. Standard interior details include vacuuming, brushing and steam cleaning, leather trimming, glass cleaning, vacuuming and wiping and deodorizing. Full interior detail includes all standard procedures. This is often followed by treatment of leather seats, thorough wiping, shampooing of seats and carpets, plastic wrap and mold removal. Driving a car after you get a full interior detail is like driving a new car.

3.  Complete Car Exterior Details

This process involves restoring, vacuuming and polishing the exterior of the car. This includes windows, wheels and tires. If you want the exterior of your car to look like new again, this service is exactly what you need. There are two ways to do this: one is to use a pressure washer and cleaners that are good for black cars.

You can also opt for a waterless, complete car exterior detail using products such as polishes and degreasers. It is effective because you do not need to dry the body to continue the process. The next step is polishing to restore the car’s shine before finishing with waxing. Wax protects, seals and gives your car a glossy shine.

However, using a waxing clay stick treatment removes all the dirt from the car and restores its condition, making this service much better than a simple waxing.

4. Complete Car Details

It is a combination of external and internal details. But this could differ from one provider to another. In most cases, the package includes treatment of clay rods and exterior wax, treatment of leather car seats, shampooing, stain removal and regular washing. In other cases, there are additional options such as engine cleaning, bumper repair, repainting and glass repair.

It may also include headlight restoration, water stain removal, pet hair cleaning and paint touch-ups. Some buyers ignore these extras and instead go for a fully detailed base car that still leaves the car with a sparkling clean interior and shiny exterior.

5. Complete Car Refurbishment

Some auto detailers specialize in high-end car restoration, which can cost up to $3,000 for nice cars. First they do a full detailing of the car, followed by window tinting and paint correction before applying a paint sealer to protect the car for many years to come.

If this service is done correctly, the car will look better than new. A full vehicle recovery can take up to five full days depending on the condition of the vehicle. The demand for this service is not high because it is expensive.

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