6 Amazing Tricks to Transform Your Custom Pillow Boxes

The concept of packaging dates backs to the ancient Egyptian era. People love to pack their products in elegant packaging nowadays. The custom pillow boxes are of the elegant style which is loved by the people tremendously.

Without the box packaging, the product gets so boring and unpresentable. You can amazingly make the product interesting by encasing it within the boxes. The pillow shape is the most stylish one and your products will look outstanding within this.

Due to the tough competition within the market, the utilization of well-designed boxes has increased.

If you want your brand to be successful in front of your competitors then it is time to design the custom pillow packaging elegantly.

Follow the amazing tricks to have incredible pillow boxes:

Personalized Boxes

It is not always essential to make your box design attractive by hiring a packaging company. However, you can also customize the boxes on your own by watching the tutorials or the hacks.

Like this you will be able to come up with the unique packaging and this aspect will be loved by the customers.

Moreover, go for inserting a card or a note from the company on the boxes. Most of the brands utilize around forty percent of the money on social media for interaction.

Go for adding the QR code scan to the product boxes. It will help the customers to reach your Facebook page easily.

Further, if you are running any cosmetics, candles, jewelry, etc. brands just install a chatbot on your website to ask the customers the questions such as their reviews regarding the product.

This all exercise will be helpful for you to collect the customer satisfaction survey in one go.

Logo Matters

Without the addition of the logo, you cannot make your brand successful. If you want to create your packaging rock the market then adds the logo of your brand on the boxes.

You can utilize the embossing and debossing feature as well to be successful. However, if you feel difficult to hire such a kind of company to get these services then you can simply imprint the stickers of your brand logo and paste them on the boxes.

However, you can edit the logo of your brand by utilizing any good software or by handmade sketch. It totally depends on your choice.

Advance Artwork

The latest artwork is minimal and offers clarity. You can add amazing shapes and simple artwork to the pillow boxes packaging.

Make sure that the color palette you choose for the pillow packaging contains some hierarchy and offers a window element as well within it.

One of the famous examples of modern packaging is the box design of the “iPhone”. It is the most decent box design.

You can simply choose the pastel colors and add some elegant text to the boxes. Make sure that your text is well aligned with the product you are offering within the box

Go for Artistic Packaging

You can create the artistic pillow box packaging by adding the imprints of the cartoon characters. The graphical artwork can be of any choice. The cute packaging is mostly liked by the customers.

For instance, if you are making the book box you can simply choose the graphical artwork of the “owl” within the 2d and 3d forms. It will amazingly attract customers from a great distance.

As you are aware of the fact that the owl awake up at the night and mostly the book lovers love to read the books at night.

So, utilizing the owl combination with the book would be a great idea.

Adopt Simple Way 

You can also make your custom pillow packaging boxes in a simple way according to the respective season.

For instance, if the spring season is there go for offering the boxes with the solid yellow background and add the text on the box in neon green color.

This color will attract customers and will draw the attention of the onlookers exactly towards your box.

You can sell the nutritional powders in such fluorescent box packaging. Make sure you select advanced printing methods for your boxes. It is the outer packaging of the box that enhances the brand image. Do focus on the text as well.

You can choose the color of the supplements according to the fruit and vegetable colors as well.

Such as yellow color for the pineapple, green for the cucumber, red for the strawberry.

It is the most charming way to have matched visual communication with the customers.

Style in Cool Way

Some of the products require a cool kind of packaging. You can add highlighted fonts, unusual combinations, deep and bright colors, and graphical illustrations as well to make your boxes stand out uniquely.

You can also create the dry fruits custom pillow boxes design in an elegant way. For this create almonds as a cartoon character and add the almonds inside the boxes.

This kind of artwork will add up more striking brightness and intense feel to the box.


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