6 Things You Should Know About Working in Canada

Canada has always been highly prevalent among individuals seeking top-notch job opportunities. The country enables people from all over the globe to join their dynamic workforce with the help of a Canadian job visa. Another reason why Canada is famous for its job is because of career advancement and quality of life.

Here are the following are six things that you should know about working in Canada:

Opportunity to Work for In-demand Jobs:

Candidates from various industries and professional backgrounds can apply for a Canadian job visa. Several sectors have in-demand jobs, including:

  • IT sector
  • Medical and nursing sector
  • Transportation sector
  • Farming sector

It is not to say that only technical jobs or high-end jobs are open for foreigners. There are also many Canadian minimum wage jobs. Moreover, when you enter with a work permit, you can get permanent resident status automatically (see Permanent Residency in Canada below).

It’s not a Necessity to Have a Job for Immigrating to Canada: 

Having a job on the line is not a compulsory requirement for immigrating to Canada. However, if one does have a job offer, it makes the whole process easier.

The Express Entry immigration system of Canada is based on points. A job offer would bring in many of these points, easing the Canadian job visa process. In addition, the Canada immigration service also awards points for aspects like your:

  • Age
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Proficiency in communication (English or French)

As many as 57% of the immigrants enter Canada as business-class workers or skilled workers. This occurs under the points system. Other ways of immigrating to Canada are by: 

  • Joining family members who already have citizenship.
  • Seeking refuge from crises.

Permanent Residency in Canada Through Work Visa:

Once you are a permanent resident, you get to enjoy the same benefits as Canadian citizens do. These benefits may include healthcare coverage, protection coverage under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom, etc.

Canadian Experience ClassA Canadian job visa is one way to move to the country. If you enter as a skilled worker, you can gain permanent residency quickly. When you earn enough working experience in Canada, you can qualify for the. This program works under the Express Entry system of the Canada immigration service.

Once you are deemed qualified under the CEC program, you can shift to any province in the country. In some cases, skilled workers may not even have to show proof of funds for settlements, shortening your application process by a margin of 3 to 4 months.

For becoming a permanent citizen of Canada, you will have to fulfil some prerequisites. Some of them are: 

  • You should have been living in Canada for the last five years or so. The minimum stay requirement is 1,095days.
  • You should pass a language test.
  • You should give a citizen test.

Cost of Living in Canada:

Best Canada immigration consultantCanada is amongst the strongest economies in the entire world. The country has a high tax rate which is used to improve the residents’ quality of life. Through this tax rate, the government provides: 

  • Free healthcare
  • Enhanced secondary education
  • Protection of the social institutions (police, military, etc.)


Canadian Working VisaThe cost of living in —–* depends on the city or province in which you live. The following are considered the most expensive provinces in Canada

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa

The estimated average cost of living can fall anywhere between $42,000 and $59,000 per annum. It is also best to note that the cost of living depends on the person’s spending habits.

The Difference in Payday Observance:

When working in the country with a Canadian job visa, you need to understand how payday works.

Canada follows a bi-weekly payment method. Usually, people working in Canada receive their salary twice a month. They generally receive it at the beginning and the ending of a month.

Bi-lingual Country:

Canada is a country where the population speaks in: 

  • English or
  • French or
  • Both

Similarly, Canadian companies look for language proficiency. Some look for English proficiency, while others look for French. Some look for both. 

The Canadian immigration service also looks for language knowledge.

Canada has always welcomed foreigners as skilled and business-class workers. The country has proper visa and immigration processes to facilitate the same.

Immigration is not as straightforward as it sounds. One has to select everything after careful deliberation. 

Many candidates dream of getting a Canadian job visa, but the process can go only smoothly if we can ensure that all the prerequisites are fulfilled. It is also important that we make an informed decision as moving to a new country is not a small thing.

Therefore, we must research well before making a move.

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