7 Best Shopify Mobile App Builders for Your Store in 2022

These days where competition is quite at the edge, you should always be hard on your customers. As most of the online store traffic appears from the mobile, no mobile app for the store or poor image loading speed in mobile impacts the sales and revenue. 

If you are thinking of creating an excellent mobile app but have no time to learn technology. Then you can consult a Shopify agency or a mobile app builder.  Here in the article, we listed top-rated Shopify app builders to help you. Have a look at them.

1. Vajra Mobile App Builder 

Looking for no coding solution then Cairo mobile app builder is totally for you. This mobile app builder changes your Shopify store to a native android and iOS mobile app within one hour. Its features and app presence are configured without technical experience. It offers several features such as automation push notifications. It helped over 2000 Shopify businesses to enhance and create an excellent shopping experience. 


  • Simple to set up
  • Boost sales
  • Secured checkout experience
  • Best-in-class Support

2. MobiApp 

This mobile app builder was launched by soft pulse infotech. It features several helpful futures that any merchant can use to their advantage. Each design is personalized so one can change the website as per their preferences.  This platform communicates with the app users in the most effective way for marketing products. Additionally, it comes with a discount code for its users. With this Mobiapp consumers are encouraged to buy something that boosts sales effectively.


  • Modify app design
  • Communication with users to market
  • Apply the discount code and manage the app easily 

3. Shopney

Shopney supports many kinds of e-commerce merchants to launch and build their mobile apps within a week. By the way, you don’t need any coding skills. With this app, you get ultimate control over mobile app design and layout. You can even deliver a stand-out experience to the users. It offers a scalable and optimized mobile app experience with 24/7 support. They have  a team of passionate and fabulous Shopify experts


  • Promote new campaigns and products 
  • Sync the Shopify store  automatically
  • Get consumer reviews and sell more 
  • Localize the brand with multi-language and multi-currency 

4. Drobile

If you need a customized and flexible mobile app builder then you should consider Drobile.  In terms of Shopify mobile, it updates everything within less time. Not only does it generate sales but also improves conversion rate with a customizable mobile app experience. That could be updated and managed within seconds. The process is top simple that needs no programming skills or experience. 


  • Limitless Push Notifications
  • Integrated recharge & Rewards Program
  • Many payment gateways
  • Multi-Language or multi-Currency

5. iMobileApp

Mobile is another popular mobile app builder that’s developed by debit. Using this platform you could come up with one good mobile app for their online stores. One of many reasons why consumers storm off from your site without buying from you is that they don’t like to buy from the desktop. So, an app allow them to buy products with mobiles. 

The best thing about iMobile is that you can make this app multilingual. So, if you are thinking of expanding your brand to international visitors then Immobile can support you. It interacts with the consumers by sending notifications. You could make any modifications if anyone is disappointed. You get multiple styles that make it easy to design and come up with a better app interface.


  • Sell products to international visitors
  • Send  notifications to the clients 
  • Personalize the app
  • Offers multiple style settings

6. Bizeasy

Another fantastic Shopify mobile app builder that needs no coding knowledge – is Biz Easy. This could be a perfect technical solution for merchants who liked to design and create mobile apps with advanced features. Bizeasy access merchants to design a platform that is personalized for consumers and admins. Now users can configure the site with the ideal theme that creates better performance for the store. Even before launching online merchants could check the preview page to ensure every one of the custom features is perfect for the store. Reach out to Shopify plus agency to make it personalized as per your customers preferences. 


  • Design customizable preview pages
  • Integrate with android & ios 
  • Automatic quick turnaround time
  • Publish Shopify stores easily 

7. Plobal Apps 

Plobal Apps are designed to maximize sales and conversions by mobile apps. This platform creates a  set free time frame and creates countdown man banners. They link these two certain categories or products for promoting sales. This kind of strategy can maximize revenue and sales of global apps including push notifications that trigger user action and help with card abandonment campaigns.  

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning in the app encourage you to design customized product solutions for your consumers. That pushes customers to make a purchase that satisfies them. If you are thinking of installing it don’t hesitate to do it as it’s the perfect one to be on your team. 


  • Create a flash sale with the countdown banners
  • Push notifications 
  • Several app layouts & designs 
  • Personalized product suggestions 


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