7 Key Differences between Research Methodology and Research Methods

Carrying out research is an essential part of every academic writing project. We can say it is as essential as water is for every human being. An academic assignment cannot survive without carrying out research.

It is said that when we carry out research while writing the thesis paper, it gives the weight to the paper to stand firm. Though research methodology is not a small task with its small terminology.  It involves various steps and factors.

Every step with the thesis and dissertation writing requires you to carry out the research. It is tedious for a few students. Still, most probably, the majority of students consider it the lengthiest task and hesitate in doing it all on their own.

This is why we see the majority of people hire dissertation chapter writers who will perform the research and incorporate that in the chapter in an appropriate way.

However, the ones who choose to perform all the research on their own are usually seem confused between the research methodology and research methods.

Or we can even say that the majority fails to differentiate them both from each other. Therefore, you need to know the difference between both terminologies before it’s too late to do so.

For your help, here are the 7 main differences between the research methodology and research methods.


Research Method

Research methods refer to all the methods that the researchers are likely to use to carry out the research. All the procedures and techniques to extract the information from different sources are the research methods.

It incorporated both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The research methods include interviews, surveys, questionnaires, observations, case studies, etc.

Research Methodology

Research methodology is something different from that of the research methods. Basically the science of learning how you think your research should be conducted.

It gives an accurate result. It analyses the research methods used for the extraction of the information. The research methodology keeps a check whether the research methods give out the desired reliable and credible results.


Research Method

The core objective of a research method is to find the perfect solution for their piece of writing. For instance, if your topic is “to find out the Best PhD universities around the globe”.

Then your research should be strong enough to give out the ultimate solution to this problem when the reader reads it.  The reader won’t feel like visiting any other page or ask for any other information instead he get all that he is looking for.

Research Methodology

The objective of the research methodology is different from that of the research methods. The main objective of the research methodology is to determine the solution provided by the research methods.

In research methodology, you will be purposely applying the perfectly fit procedure. As per the specified need of the document and topic. Then determine4 whether the particular method worked in your favor or not.


Research Method

The research method is basically a tiny part of the research methodology. When the methodology exists, only then the Research methods will operate. The methods do not work on their own. They need the order and strategy of working and cannot take place in any thesis or dissertation projects alone. Still, it always comes along with the Research methodology.

Research methodology

Research methodology is a whole part on its own. This part of the academic writing project disburse into multiple ways and strategize various strategies to set up the research methods. Research methodology not only comprises the research method, but many other ways come under the big umbrella of research methodology.


Research Method

The research method comprises various techniques to reach the desired result. For instance, if the research method is used to carry out the research to evaluate the exact number of people who are struggling to take admission in the Master’s program of computer engineering, then there are many ways to carry out the research. For example, you can conduct multiple interviews, take surveys and a lot more to achieve the answer that you have been looking for.

Research methodology

Compared to the research method, the research methodology does not fall in various directions. There is a single strategy set to carry out the entire research. You cannot switch your methodology in the Mid-way or try out multiple methodologies to know which gives the accurate and verified result. Therefore, you need to be careful about choosing the perfect systematic research methodology.

Time of usage

Research Method

The research method is used in the later stages of the academic project. When you have decided to use the particular methodology and finalize all the things coming in between. You will be applying the research methods. Obviously, it will be used later on in the same project.

Research methodology

The research methodology is used in the earlier stage of the academic project, or we can say at the beginning of the academic project.( Kumar, R. (2018). The research methodology is in the bringing of the research project is because it sets on the strategy that will be carried along in the part of research methods. Further research will be done in the guiding light of research methodology.


Research Method

The research method deals directly with the problem at hand and works out its different techniques to solve this problem.

Research methodology

The research methodology does not cater to the problem at hand directly. Still, it applies the possible and best-fit ways to get the solution required.


Research Method

The concern of the research method is about carrying out multiple surveys, interviews, questionnaires and other similar techniques; to reach the assignments or the objectives of the problem.

Research methodology

The concern of the research methodology is a bit different from that of the research method. The research methodology concerns learning and knowing the techniques to pull out the research methods.


These are the significant differences between the research methodology and the research method. Snyder, H. (2019). Whereas performing the duty in operating the research methodology is quite tricky, the students usually opt for dissertation methodology help, which is the best initiative to work professionally. Therefore, you should first look at all the differences mentioned earlier in the research. After getting a complete understanding of this term, you will execute the plan your way.


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