7 Major API Testing Challenges


Testing is done to ensure that an app or API is free from errors and bugs. However, testing an application is not easy and a testing team has to deal with various challenges to perform this task efficiently. Here are some of the major challenges that a testing team might face while testing an API.

Tracking API Inventory

An application contains a large number of APIs that act independently of each other. However, as an application grows and new features are released for the users it becomes very difficult for a tester to keep track of all the APIs. Besides this, it also makes the task of testing new features and identify their impact on the entire application very difficult. Thus a tester must keep track of all the APIs to avoid such situations.

Setting up Testing Environment

Manual testing allows testers to make sure that everything is working fine. While automation testing allows a tester to check how well an application performs under pressure. However, the task of setting up the testing infrastructure for manual/automation testing is not easy and can be quite overwhelming. But once you manage to set up the testing infrastructure you will be able to test your application very easily and quickly. To learn more about setting a testing environment feel free to enroll yourself in the API Testing Training in Delhi.

Gather Information About the Business Application Logic

Lack of adequate knowledge about the business application logic is another great challenge that a tester might face while testing an API. Why is it important to have adequate knowledge about business logic? It is important because if a tester does not have this knowledge then he might face lots of problems while testing the application. Besides this, it also reduces the reliability of test results. Thus it is very important for a tester to have adequate knowledge about the business logic of an application. This makes the work of a tester very easy and makes the test results more accurate and reliable.

Impact of Change

The impact of change is another big challenge that a tester has to face from time to time. Why? Because whenever a new version of an API is released then this might affect the functioning of the entire application. As a result, the application might go haywire or might stop working. This is mainly because of the dependent components of the application that might start behaving abnormally due to the new version of an API.

Test Data Management

Various APIs with different types of parameters require a large amount of data in order to test them effectively. However, the task of maintaining a large amount of data for testing is a very big challenge for testing teams. Additionally, this task becomes even more daunting when there is diversity between the APIs. Thus it is right to say that maintaining data for testing is one of the biggest challenges that a testing team has to face.

Testing Parameter Combinations

APIs communicate with each other by assigning particular values to parameters and passing these parameters/values via data requests. Thus a tester must test all the possible parameter request combinations to make sure everything is working fine.  However, this task is not easy and can be very overwhelming for a testing team.

Maintaining Sequence of Calls

Another great challenge for testing is to manage and maintain the sequence of API calls. Why is it important? It is important because in most cases the calls need to appear in a specific sequence to work properly. For example, a request might throw an error if a call is made to display the information of a particular user before the call to create a profile. Thus a tester must maintain and manage the sequence of calls to avoid such problems while testing an application. To learn about best practices to manage the sequence of calls feels free to join the API Testing Training in Gurgaon.


These are some of the major challenges that a testing team might face while testing an application. However, with proper knowledge and by following best testing practices you can easily solve these problems. So, make sure you gain knowledge about various types of testing techniques and best testing practices to avoid these challenges while testing an application.

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