7 Productive Ways to Make Custom Soap Boxes Tempting And Gorgeous

Do you know why Custom Soap Boxes are important? The most common reason is to make sure that your customers know the best way to use the product. But even if you are giving it away or simply selling it wholesale, you still need great packaging. The wrapping around your handmade bar needs to look good and speak for itself! Many things go into how you can design your own labels. 

7 Productive Modes To Make Custom Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale Tempting And gorgeous

No matter what kind of shape, color, scent, etc., you choose before you hang up your shingle as a seller of high-quality handmade Custom Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale. Consider these 7 profitable ways to make your packaging enticing and captivating:

Get Organized

The first step to great packaging is having a solid idea of what you are trying to achieve. Then setting the proper goals before designing your labels. 

Ask yourself

What colors do I want? What style? What size should it be? The more organized you are before starting, the better results you’ll have.

Find inspiration everywhere!

No need to reinvent the wheel for your label designs. No matter what kind of project you are working on, inspiration can always be found in everyday life. See what’s all around you and let that inform your design decisions. 

Be Bold!

Your bar labels can be classy, classic, cute, whimsical but should also be confident! Your design has to make a statement. Using all caps is a nice way to do this. Think about why you chose all caps when you started typing your sentence. There are other methods to make yourself look bolder than the next soap label. Use colors that pop off the page. Use your brand logo in a large size, bold font & repetition.

Make it yours

You have created handmade bars. Now give them an identity of their own with labels. It reflects who you are or would like them to perceive you as. If you’d like people to think your product is organic, then show it in your packaging. If you want them to know your products are rock n’ roll, then go for it!

Make it clear!

People should realize that when they see your product label, it is exactly what the product is and how you can use it. Think of this as an extra tip above the paper towel holder at the grocery store. What do I want? Soft-scrub? Shampoo? Dishwasher detergent? Your labels can help answer these questions. Especially, if you think about including directions on the backside of your paper label.

7. Have fun!

Most important of all – have fun! Don’t let imperfections hold you hostage. Don’t let self doubt undermine your abilities or halt any ideas in their tracks. Remember that this is your label design. There’s no wrong way to be creative. If it creates you laugh, then go with it.”

Custom Soap Boxes

Strong Material is the Essential Feature for Custom Printed Soap Boxes 

Custom Printed Soap Boxes plays a vital role in delivering the product to the customer. It initially attracts the consumer’s attention, and it is also what protects goods during storage and shipment. Furthermore, it provides useful information about the product to facilitate the selection.

The packaging must:

  • Protect against moisture and odors
  • Provide necessary information such as ingredients and directions on how to use the product
  • Maintain sanitary conditions for hand washing
  • Prevent tampering or misuse of contents by children or adults
  • Be sturdy enough to maintain all these qualities throughout distribution channels from manufacturer to retailer to consumer.

Primary Function of Soaps

A bar consists primarily of water (35%–50%) plus some blend of oils – animal fats, vegetable oils to create the lather. Solid particles called “suds builders” or “frothing agents” are also added to the mix. These ingredients are blended to form a dough that is then poured into molds and allowed to harden. A bar may contain other materials depending on its intended usage. Some include exfoliants such as 

  • Microbeads or walnut shells
  • Moisturizers such as glycerin
  • Vitamins such as vitamin E and D
  • Herbal remedies
  • Dyes
  • Perfumes
  • Etc. 

The primary function of packaging for bars is more complex than it might first appear due to the variety of different kinds of soaps available on the market today:

  • Mass market retail brands aimed at the general public
  • High end luxury brands for department stores

Specialty suds bars are designed for specific consumers, such as dry skin or acne sufferers. Medical suds are transparent so that everyone inspects them visually for contamination. Your Custom Printed Soap Boxes must address these different markets with varying product types and marketing objectives. 


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