7 Social Media Contest Ideas to Promote Your Hotel

All your social media contest ideas should be in sync with the trends and occasions but relevant to your hotel brand. Promoting your hotel online and hosting contests on various social media channels helps create a hype for your hotel. That is why, you need online contest ideas which are easy for people to participate in and their hotel experiences with others without any issue. You can even connect with the best hotel suppliers such as D ZEE Textiles to give out the best hotel pool towel USA and other supplies as gifts. You can think of other gift ideas also. We are going to be sharing 7 social media contest ideas to promote your hotel that we have tested and had positive results with.

1.     Family Vacation Photo Online Contest Ideas

Sharing photos after a vacation is anyways a norm, turning that into a competition is a smart idea.

During off season or when bookings are running low, you can remind guests that you are waiting to host them. You can ask guests to share family photos of their vacation at your hotel and write down a line that defined their experience.

2.     Favorite Hotel Staff

 Your hotel staff goes above and beyond to make guest life comfortable; the deserve the recognition.

This is one the smartest social media contest ideas as more people would give time to get to know your staff on their next visit. It would create brand loyalty and your hotel would be an example in the hospitality industry; where the staff is recognized. You can ask your guests to share a line for their favorite staff member and what led to the moment where the picture was taken.

3.     The Best Caption

Sometimes you want to give those people a chance to win an experience who have not visited your hotel.

This is one of the 7 social media contest ideas to promote your hotel which helps you gain new followers and guests. You can share an image of your hotel or one of the most recognized spots of your hotel and ask people to caption it. This helps you spot new profiles and by giving them a chance to win; you can create a new guest base.

4.     The Best Travel Hack

Every seasoned traveler has a hack to help someone new, ask your guests to share their little tips that may help someone else.

This is also a great way to see which hack could help you with your hotel and the best hack according to you can win. This is also one of those online contest ideas which would help you find new guests for your hotel. The winning hack can either get a discount or be shipped a hotel souvenir to remember you by for future bookings.

5.     Cultural Trivia

Not only your hotel, but you can help your community grow by holding a cultural trivia contest.

Working closely with the local community is always much more helpful for your hotel and the entire city. By testing trivia, you create guest interest, attract tourists and guests. Only you don’t grow, but your entire community benefits through this. You can also have collaborations and partnerships for this contest which lets you create an attractive package for the winning guests.

6.     Special Occasion Online Contest Ideas

Celebrations always call for something special; a vacation is always on top of the list.

It could be valentines, thanks giving, Christmas, seasons greetings, Halloween, everything needs to be celebrated. You can ask guests to share their favorite story regarding the occasion and offer winners and amazing stay offer or package. Through this online contest, you can always add to your guest’s joys. It may even help guests who were otherwise unable to travel for the season, get a vacation they wanted.

7.     Meme Your Hotel

One of the most fun online contest ideas for everyone is to meme your hotel; they are already a hit.

Memes are so common, no one can escape them. Use them as a part of your social media contest ideas and see what creativity your guests can come up with. It doesn’t mean making fun of yourself, it just means getting in on the fun with your potential guests.

These are simple online contest ideas; you just need to be smart about how you use these social media contest ideas for your hotel. Which of the 7 social media contest ideas to promote your hotel would you be using to gain more social engagements and guests? Let us know in the comments below.


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