7 Web Design Sins You Must Avoid in 2021

One of the crucial components of effective website development is web design. If you are a web designer, there is no doubt that you have an artist within you. Therefore, you must be excited at the idea of developing a new website everytime.

Put simply, web design is the process of planning, designing, and arranging content online. However, with time the online’s user’s preference have changed from beyond the aesthitics of a website to its functionality.

If you are looking for a way to improve your website design skills, there are a few mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

Web Design Sins You Must Avoid

The only reason why your competitor is one step ahead is they have a website that is not just visually appealing but also functional and feature-filled.

A common way you can find out about the popularity of your website is by checking its online traffic volume.

With that said, given below are seven website design sins you shall never commit in 2021.

1. Longer Website Loading Time

With smartphones providing the latest information within seconds, there is no doubt the attention span of an online user is a mere few seconds.

Therefore, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it is time you take a deeper look at the website design elements.

Remember, the faster your website loads, the better the user-experience will be.

It is why you should sign up for a web designing training in ambala to learn web page design that loads completely within the blink of an eye.

2. Zero SEO and Google Analytics

When it comes to finding out any issues within your website, SEO and Google Analytics are your best friend. These tell you all about how well the website is doing in terms of positioning and online ranking.

On the one hand, SEO ensures your website appears on top of SERPs. On the other hand, Analytics provides you data regarding average web page visitation on your website. It is a good way to check out what elements you should add or remove from that particular web page.

3. Too Much Information

Yes! Content is king of the digital world, but too many kings would eventually ruin the kingdom which in this case is your website.

You should mention relevant information on your website. However, what is more important is providing that information with breathable space.

It might be a good idea, but loading your website with visuals, content, and too much text would only ruin its online reputation.

Your method of delivering information to the customer should always be crip. This you can do by utilizing small visuals, and shorter paragraphs. It is what makes the web design job oriented training worth your time and efforts.

4. Non-Mobile Friendly

More than 70% of internet users check out a website on their smartphones. However, if your website does not have a responsive feature, aka it is not mobile friendly then attracting users would be a headache.

You can use tools like RankWatch, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, and Bing Mobile Friendliness Test to check if the website is ready for a mobile version.

5. Ignoring Website Navigation

As a web designer, the first thing you should do is provide a smooth navigation to the end user. It is what helps the user know about the overall map of your website. This makes it easier for the user to navigate through the numerous web pages and find what they need.

However, if the way a user browses your website is not up-to-the-mark, it will only create a negative impression in their mind. You should enroll in a web designing internship in ambala to design smooth websites.

6. Ignoring Automation Tools

Do you know that automation tools improve the overall quality of your website? These tools are mostly available as plugins and help keep the website up and running without any hassle. The worst mistake you can commit in 2021 is not use automation features on your website.

7. Using Larger Image Size

Having too many images on your website is bound to keep it from loading within seconds. Moreover, background images also have the same effect on the responsiveness of your website.

The best way here is to reduce the size of the images you want to utilize the website. Enroll in a web design job oriented training to learn all about the right image size for your website.

These are the seven deadly sins which you should avoid when designing a website in 2021.


Do you want to design a visually appealing and responsive website? You should refer to this guide to not commit the mistakes described above. Enroll in a certified web designing training in ambala to learn all about designing a high ranking web page.

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