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I picked up a few things from family and school, but the movies filled in all the missing points. Movies can be uplifting, exciting and most of all inspiring. In search of movies, you waste a lot of time but in the end, you could not find anything, but the 7starmovies Website is a free website to download Hollywood movies. Here’s a list of movies that got me thinking (about things other than “why did I pay $10 for this movie?”).

The Adventures of Baron Scarecrow

In my opinion, this is one of Terry Gilliam’s best films. Gilliam’s familiarity with the amazing long stories of the larger-than-life human hero is a colorful and fast-paced dream that has little patience to face reality. Baron Munchausen was a real historical figure, though the story probably contained a few physical errors. This film available at 7starMovies teaches us that while science can explain the world, only our imagination can give it meaning. And Uma Thurman portrays Venus as a beautiful goddess of love.

Blade Runner

Think you grew up on sci-fi movies? Try this black movie that gave a different color palette to the modern cyberpunk legend. Blade Runner is the epitome of Philip K. Dick’s “Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The big-budget and big names like Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer made this film famous at 7starMovies, while the deep questions about identity and personality make it a film that will change the viewer forever.

Star Wars

Okay, this film franchise is so overused that it’s easy to underestimate it. And maybe the last three films haven’t lived up to the expectations placed on them. But this fictional film about a war against evil in a galaxy far, far away is actually a window into the mind of George Lucas, and there’s a lot to see in it. The underlying philosophy is a mix of Eastern and Western religious myths, with a heavy dose of Carl Jung thrown in for good measure.

The Stranger

Not all light is soft and gentle. Some films can look deeper into the wrong places. The classic sci-fi horror film Alien showed us more than just that H.R. designs monsters. Giger doesn’t come from common sense. 7starMovies also makes us think about what scares us. Alien is a study of man’s greatest fears: isolation, darkness, spiders, and suspicion. Few horror films have attracted as much attention as this one.

Schindler’s List

This controversial film about a German industrialist’s work in Nazi Germany saving the lives of concentration camp prisoners showed that Steven Spielberg could do more than science fiction. The film has been much criticized, but whatever the case, it shows the viewer that, regardless of the social situation, some people will always try to protect the weak.

Forest Gump

Tom Hanks’ performance as the wandering fool in Forest Gump is a hilarious but also powerful commentary on the second half of the twentieth century. The forest’s involvement in the events of recent history is in many ways heartening, but more importantly, although governments and celebrities come and go, it is the people that matter most.

In the pages of

To say too much about this film would be unfair to readers who have not seen it. This is the common thread in all of M. Night Shyamalan’s films. Suffice it to say that this dark exploration of heroism and evil, good and bad, will strike a chord with anyone who has ever wanted to be the one person who can make a difference, and also wanted to prove that they are that person.

The Matrix

This is another franchise that has been a hit in the hype department. However, the original film offered one of the most amazing twists in movie history, which is all the more incredible because it takes place not at the end of the film, but at the beginning. The natural conflict in this film teaches us two things. First, ask anything. Second, under certain circumstances and under controlled conditions, Keanu Reeves can do something.

Save Private Ryan

This film is one of the best examples of contemporary war horror. From the straight love stories to the war glories of the past. This sordid, bloody tale of the campaign to bring back soldiers from military bases in Europe. World War II teaches a hard lesson: war, however necessary it may sometimes be, is always bad.

Apollo 13

How many Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg movies can I name? Probably one more. This historical film about the failed and tragic Apollo 13 moon landing contains incredible moments that human life

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