8 Accessories That Will Maximize the Potential of Your Balcony

Creating a modern and practical outdoor space in Balcony is not easy, and it is usually synonymous with sacrifice and deprivation .

Sacrifice style for functionality, budget to have the right to design, deprive yourself of a dining area because “there is no room”, forget the gardening area to create a relaxation area.

This new range is specially designed to meet the needs of all those who would like to enjoy the outdoors even more, without sacrificing layout, functionality, budget and style.

And their new outdoor collection reminds us why this store will always be a reference for furniture and accessories that are designed, functional and accessible at the same time.

As you browse through the selection below, you will also find that these accessories can help you unlock the untapped potential of larger areas, gardens and terraces. If you need to get well mastermind and beautified rooms get luxury apartments in Lahore.

All you have to do is discover these eight accessories to make the most of sunny days by using every square inch of your outdoor space!

A compact set with a “modern bistro” look 

1. With two chairs that slide under the table to save space

The perfect blend of style and functionality. This table + chair set is designed to answer the # 1 problem of balconies where space is limited, namely cluttering furniture.

As soon as you no longer use them, the chairs disappear under the table. The three pieces of furniture are transformed into a compact and “space-saving” set, with a contemporary look and a delicate appearance.

2. A trolley on wheels easy to move, on two levels, to transform your balcony into an outdoor bar

Transform your balcony into the trendiest terrace in your neighbourhood! A multifunction essential, practical with its wheels and therefore easy to move.

As trendy outside, as it is inside, nothing stops you from using it the rest of the year in your apartment.

3. An ingenious table that clings to your railing because no one should have brunch or breakfast inside this summer.

A space-saving solution, this table folds up easily as soon as you have finished eating. You can also use it as a mini workstation or just as a side table.

4. A set of 2 folding chairs to limit floor space and complete your dining area

Design and practical folding chairs, to go with the folding table, quite simply.

5. Pots to hang on the railing to enjoy an urban vegetable garden within easy reach

Balustrade, railing or guardrail, even on the smallest of balconies, these spaces often offer untapped development potential. To benefit from it, all you have to do is bet on the right accessories.

You can also use these pretty jars to store utensils or even use them as bottle holders, fill them with ice cubes, and keep your favourite drinks cool and close at hand.

6. Graphic zinc planters, to hang, to showcase your green plants or aromatic herbs

Flowers, plants, and even aromatic herbs are a great way to bring life and a bit of nature to an urban balcony.

And if floor space is limited, the trick is to hang them up. It’s up to you to define the right height and the number of hanging pots you need. Small advice, do not hesitate to accumulate them and mix the shapes!

7. A set of gardening tools is so chic that you won’t need extra room to store them.

Gardening is trendy; it’s even good for health and morale. But on a balcony, the bulky cabinet for storing gardening tools is not suitable.

The alternative? Indulge yourself with a gardening set that you can * also * use to complete the decor of your outdoor space.

We love the look of these garden tools, the wooden handles, the practical little clip to hang them and the copper finish.

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8. One * or more * mobile and elegant lanterns, to extend summer evenings on your balcony

The lighting of your balcony is also important, especially if you want to enjoy the summer evenings.

Choose lanterns that are simple but elegant, nomadic and therefore easy to move.

You will quickly realize that lighting your outdoor space with candles is a simple way to bring a soothing and pleasant atmosphere, especially in the city.



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