8 Tips on Eco-Friendly Decor For Ganesh Chaturthi

Eco-friendly Ganesha

You can not help but feel ecstatic about a holiday like Ganesh Chaturthi, especially after 2 years of keeping it lowkey due to the pandemic. But, probably that’s what happens when the world comes to a halt and the list of things to look forward to becomes significantly shorter. One must discover and invest in their own modest reasons to be joyful and gather around with the people that care about eco-friendly celebrations, enjoying a vivid, exuberant event certainly qualifies. 

The auspicious period of Ganesh Chaturthi, which lasts ten days, is enthusiastically celebrated across the country, typically with unbridled excitement. And ignoring the thermocol-heavy or PoP-laden (Plaster of Paris) idols being submerged in bodies of water to pouring rangoli colors composed of materials like mica and polluting the surrounding regions with cast-off garlands and decorative items, several aspects of our joyous celebrations tend to have negative environmental implications. However, This year, we feel it is time to be more environmentally responsible. So here are some simple eco-friendly ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi:

Natural Colors

Instead of using artificial Rangoli colors, use organic colors like turmeric and gulaal. You may also embellish your rangoli pattern using flowers such as marigold, rose, or jasmine. These colors are both environmentally friendly and safe. 

Eco-Friendly Idols

Replace Ganesha idols manufactured of chemicals, Plaster of Paris, plastic, and thermocol with natural biodegradable materials such as clay and papier mache. After immersion, biodegradable materials do not harm the water or the environment. You may also create your idol out of natural materials like coconut and paint it with natural colors. You may also go above and beyond by selecting a planter Ganesha statue made of red soil, natural fertilizer, and Tulsi seeds.

Going eco-friendly should penetrate into other areas of your life, other than religious festivals. So as you plan to bring home an eco-friendly idol, why not incorporate sustainability into your home as well? There are many designer villas for sale in Goa that are built with nature as the focus. If you are considering investing in real estate, buy a villa in Goa and invite your eco-friendly Ganesha to your designer home. Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in close connection with nature. Have eco-friendly celebrations, this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Considerable size 

Large idols take up a lot of room and require a long time to dissolve in water. Large idols also use more PoP in their production, which is damaging to the environment. Remember that the ritual and your emotions should take center stage. That way, you may enjoy what is normally the most popular portion of the celebration without producing any water pollution.

Conserve Energy And Go For Eco-Friendly Celebrations

To some extent, the urge to brilliantly light up your house on an auspicious event like Ganesh Chaturthi is natural. But do you truly require 5 strings of LED lights? Especially when there are more eco-friendly alternatives available, such as clay diyas. Turn off lights and be mindful of how much power you consume. We all adore fairy lights and glowing incandescent bulbs. However, they are both inefficient and costly. Replace them with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which save energy and money. Wrap coloured translucent sheets around the bulbs for a dramatic festive effect.

When we look around we find very few people and structures that are conscious of the environment. But there are few premium developers in Goa that maintain a fine balance between indoor and outdoor spaces. They believe in maintaining harmony with nature. Being mindful and doing our bit in conserving nature helps a lot. This will also bring in new healthy alternatives to celebrate our festivals. 

Avoid Plastic Go For Eco-Friendly Celebrations

During Ganpati, there is a lot of excellent food provided at home, as well as fruits and sweets available in pandals. Replace all plastic bags, cutlery, and containers with banana leaves, paper or wood alternatives. The less plastic you use, the better for the environment. Cloth bags, which may be reused afterwards, can be used to transport prasad and other offerings.

Noise Pollution

A celebration is not an excuse to cause a commotion. therefore, avoid playing loud music that may create disruption in your community. Try playing quiet and relaxing instruments. Loudspeakers cause noise pollution and can irritate hospitals, schools, and neighbors. 

About The Crackers

It is important to avoid or reduce your fireworks consumption. The predicament of animals when there are firecrackers going off every few minutes is not positive, upsetting pets and animal owners. Also consider the tremendous increase in pollution levels that generally follows festivities like Diwali.

Artificial Immersion Tank

For the Visarjan ceremony, choose a little idol and a small water tank. Using rivers, ponds, lakes, or oceans to submerge Ganesha idols can be hazardous to one’s health and terrible for the environment. That way, you may enjoy what is normally the most popular portion of the celebration without producing any water pollution. 

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