A Complete Guide to eClinicalWorks Software

eClinicalWorks EHR Software is a medical software provider that specializes in cloud-based healthcare IT solutions. eClinical software reduces costs, eliminates errors, and improves care quality. Its services include full-featured EHR software, practice management, revenue cycle management, medical billing, patient engagement, and telemedicine.

In 1999, eClinicalWorks v11 EHR entered the healthcare industry with a fixed objective: make physician offices paperless and provide any connection they might require. However, with game-changing features like Eva and Healow, they’ve emerged as a far more significant player in the healthcare IT sector. Furthermore, the eClinicalWorks online module allows you to use the Chrome browser to access eClinicalWorks without the need for any extra software.

Significant Features of eClinical Software

Virtual Assistant – Eva

Eva, the ECW eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, is a standout software feature. Eva is the first in-built virtual assistant in the medical IT industry, helping providers save time and enhance productivity by eliminating unnecessary clicks.

Appointments with Eva are easy to make. Eva also allows you to examine medical data, compare test results, and inspect flowsheets. You can also refer Eva to training materials to help all medical practice staff members improve their knowledge.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots that can answer any medical billing or coding question from anywhere in the world in real-time are the newest feature of eclinical software in 2022. Chatbots save time and provide accurate information when needed, all without human intervention. Furthermore, the bots use machine learning tools to ensure correct responses.

Healow App

The Healow app, part of the eClinicalWorks software, is a patient health management solution. This app helps patients view their blood test results and read their discharge summaries, among other things. Furthermore, patients can use the app on smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches.

The Healow app also assists patients in tracking their activities and provides tools to inspire and motivate them to participate in their healthcare actively. Your patients can utilize healow trackers to observe their heart rate, blood sugar, weight, exercise, calories, BMI, and sleep all at the same time.


eClinicalWorks offers interoperability solutions to maximize care continuity across institutions. This feature provides easy access to the Carequality and CommonWell national networks, exchanging data with over 50 million hospitals and providers. According to eClinicalWorks reviews, this feature is well-worth the eClinicalWorks pricing.

Online Patient Portal

Patients can keep track of their health using the eClinicalWorks patient portal. The online patient portal streamlines the process of scheduling appointments, paying bills, and contacting you. In addition, the eClinicalWorks Healow app is a complete health and lifestyle management solution connecting patients’ devices. To manage your patients ‘ health effects, you obtain up-to-date information on blood pressure, weight, and the quality and quantity of sleep. Patients can share all data seamlessly through the portal.

Electronic Prescribing

The ePrescribing feature in eClinicalWorks EHR enables you to conveniently prescribe medications to patients’ pharmacies, and patients can pick them up at their leisure. This feature alerts you to potentially dangerous drug interactions. Furthermore, eClinicalWorks ensures that drug administrative regulations are met and followed as soon as possible. According to eClinicalWorks reviews, this feature is convenient for patients and providers at the same time.

eClinicalWorks Mobile App

Your doctors and staff must have access to the EHR anywhere, and at any time they require it. Using the eClinicalWorks iPad app, you can review patient records, refill medications, document encounters, and schedule appointments while on the go. Even though there are some limitations compared to the web/desktop version, the app helps your providers and employees stay connected and productive.

“eClinicalMobile,” is another feature that enables medical practitioners to access data remotely. This app is slightly limited but still provides essential services such as using speech to transcribe your notes in eClinicalWorks.

Clearinghouse Integration

eClinicalWorks software integrates with clearinghouses to assist medical practices in determining insurance eligibility. Furthermore, it enables you to file and manage claims in real-time, reducing A/R days and increasing the number of claims reimbursed. You can view more about this feature during the eClinicalWorks demo.


In the United States, eClinicalWorks is a well-known telehealth provider. Therefore, you can use this technology even if you use a different EHR provider. In addition, as the telehealth program is HIPAA-compliant, patients do not have to worry about hackers stealing their personal information.

We prefer this option because it does not require patients to download an app or browser extension to access virtual treatment. Instead, you can schedule virtual meetings by clicking on a link. Furthermore, screen sharing helps you discuss diagnoses and treatments with patients quickly. The eClinicalWorks demo gives a thorough analysis of this feature.

eClinicalWorks Cost

The eClinicalWorks EHR license starts at $499 per month per user. They also provide a wide range of services for $599 per month per provider. Although there is no trial version, you can download a free demo.

eClinicalWorks Demo

Before making a final decision, the medical software company provides a free demo to provide you with more clarity and confidence. Simply register yourself or your facility on the eClinicalWorks website, then wait for an eClinicalWorks demo representative to assist you. The demonstration provides a high-level overview of the entire system.

eClinicalWorks Reviews

Here’s a quick rundown of what current users think of eClinicalWorks Software.


  • ECW eClinicalWorks offers its Healow telemedicine program that allows remote consultations.
  • The software provides free conversion packages to new customers and on-site training for small clinics.
  • The user interface is entirely customizable.


  • The ticketing system is not as effective as it could be.
  • The company’s customer service is ineffective. As a result, providers have to wait long to get their technical issues resolved.

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