A Comprehensive Guide On Off-Road Tyres

Tyres are the essential parts of a vehicle’s hardware system. Their primary purpose is to create traction between the car and the road for movement. Standard tyres are suitable to run on a smooth road. While for rough terrains, the manufacturers have developed off-road tyres. 

Off-road Tyres

Off-road tyres provide a good grip on road surfaces with rocks, sand, mud, boulders, and even snow. Besides this, these units also enhance the overall look of your vehicle. If you own a 4*4 or if you love off-roading, ensure you equip your vehicle with a quality set of off-road tyres. These tyres will need to find traction on the ground, such as sand, mud and rocks where standard tyres would struggle. Off-road has higher puncture resistance than regular tyres and has a load rating ideal for heavier vehicles. 

The structure of off-road tyres is more robust and rigid than street tyres. They are a brilliant choice for rough terrains, where no other tyres can deliver the required grip and traction. Off-road Car Tyres Fareham feature an aggressive tread pattern that grips the road surface firmly. These units consist of a “self-clean” feature, as they have more space between the tread blocks. 

However, off-road units cannot perform optimally on tarmacs. The road contact patch of off-road tyres is lower. Hence, they do not provide a good grip on smooth road surfaces. Also, these tyres are less fuel-efficient and noisier than standard tyres. Due to their softness, these units can cover only fewer miles before wearing out. 

Types of Off-road Tyres

There are several types of off-road tyres perfect for different driving conditions. Choose the tyre category that best suits your driving requirements.

All-terrain Tyres – Off-road tyres are suitable to perform optimally on rough terrains, but the all-terrain tyres can function efficiently in all conditions. They perform phenomenally on rough terrains as well as on smooth road surfaces. The tread blocks are versatile and offer an excellent grip with good traction in all conditions, including rough terrains, wet surfaces, straight roads, and tight turns. The grooves create a pattern that evacuates water quickly and provides a firm grip even on loose sand. These units deliver extra traction and a better grip in extreme conditions. There are sipes in their treads that ensure extra grip and traction. 


Mud-terrain Tyres – These radials feature larger tread blocks with aggressive tread patterns and more space than all-terrain tyres. Such tread pattern allows for better traction in soft terrains like sand and mud and gives the tyre a more robust look. Mud-terrain tyres have reinforced sidewalls to resist tears, punctures, abrasions when driving off-road. They are a bit less comfortable on roads and are noisier than all-terrain tyres. Mud-terrain tyres are suitable for vehicles that frequently go off-roading. 


Highway-terrain Tyres – H/T tyres feature tread patterns similar to those on passenger vehicle tyres. These radials are capable of light off-road work while providing optimal grip and traction. There is less space between the tread blocks of highway-terrain tyres, more sipes for improved traction, and a reinforcing sidewall to improve driving comfort. Highway-terrain tyres are all about ride comfort, improved wear life and low noise levels. However, these tyres are not as puncture-resistant as A/T and M/T tyres. 

Snow Tyres – This range of tyres are perfect for snowy and icy roads. They remain soft and flexible even in the lowest temperatures. Their tread pattern has a series of sipes with channels and tiny grooves that dig into the snow to provide better traction. 

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