A Perfect Guide to Style Women Bags for Every Occasion

A Perfect Guide to Style Women Bags for Every Occasion

Women love bags as much as they do other accessories like makeup and shoes. Carrying elegant and enticing bags acts as a statement piece that enhances your personality. Women bags are also functional and help you carry your essentials no matter where you go.

Just like jewelry and other accessories, there is a huge variety of designs available in the market. Understanding different types of women bags are crucial in choosing the right bag that is suitable to your needs and preferences. Due to the vast range of designs, it is somehow difficult to select which bag is appropriate. Is it a tote or bucket bag? Do I really need a shoulder bag or will a top-handle bag suffice? Given that some bags can cost as much as a month’s salary, we know you want to be certain about the purchase you’re making. For this reason, we’ve created the ultimate guide to all bag styles and the occasions for which they are most appropriate.

Shoulder Women Bags

A bag that comes with long straps is suitable to wear on your shoulders. Shoulder bags are the most popular type, which never goes out of style. You’ll find a plethora of styles and textures with alluring embellishments. However, it all depends on the design and shape you choose for your outfit.

Women Shoulder Bag

Styling Tip:

You can consider your shoulder bag as another staple in your closet. Try opting for fine leather or suede for more formal settings such as business meetings, intimate gatherings, formal lunches and dinner parties. For laid-back or casual occasions, you can choose synthetic fabrics with minimalist embellishments.

Clutch Bag

This could be a small and compact evening bag intensified with diamantes, pearls, crystals, and stones that simply exude opulence and grace. Some clutch bags are encrusted with intricate embroideries and voguish motifs. They are usually designed with a hard case with a top opening. Clutches frequently come with a separate thin chain that can be attached to the side loops, allowing you to wear your clutch on your shoulders for convenience.

women Clutch Bag

Styling Tip

Since clutches are fancy and embellished, leave them appropriate for evening soirees, intimate weddings, cocktail parties, engagement parties, or moonlit occasions that require you to dress up formally. Nothing makes an epic style statement like a beautifully designed clutch bag, and we like pairing them with your elegant evening wear.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is usually a medium-to-large bag in a rectangular shape with two straps. This trendy bag is something we turn to when we need to carry a lot of stuff other than everyday essentials. Tote bags also come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit multiple outfits on different occasions.

Sensational Women Bag

Styling Tip

Paneled tote bags for women look great and can be carried at work. You can simply put your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone with your everyday essentials into your tote bag. However, it is recommended to opt for the tote bag with wider straps to prevent unpleasant shoulder abrasion. Leather is always ideal for the office, but canvas works best for weekends and relaxed days (and can serve as your grocery or shopping bag)! To prevent theft, make sure your tote bag can be secured with a zipper, especially if you are traveling.

Top Handle Women Bags

Top handle bags have been a mainstay of the fashion crowd for a while, and they represent a ladylike grace (think Grace Kelly and Princess Diana). As their name implies, top handle bags have merely two handles that are positioned at the top of the bag, occasionally with a longer strap.

Styling Tip:

We adore top handle bags because they exude a professional, bossy feel, which makes them ideal for days that are jam-packed with meetings and business lunches. This type of purse can easily transition you from day to night because it goes with anything, including formal blazers, jumpsuits, and floral dresses.

Envelop Bag

This kind of bag has no straps and looks like an envelope, as the name suggests. It was originally designed as a compact evening bag but nowadays. You can easily find it is large to oversized variants that are even suitable for daytime wear.

Styling Tip:

Envelop bags are quite similar to evening clutches since they are also available with embellishments. Including sparkling stones and intricate embroideries. Envelop bags made of materials like leather, velvet, and animal skin ooze a more luxurious appeal. Making them ideal for formal occasions. However, if your envelope bag is large and made of light and textured fabrics, then it’s appropriate for brunch dates, hangouts, and daytime events.

Mini Bag

We agree that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to tiny bags! They can be simple or fancier, and come in a variety of forms, including cross-body and backpacks. Women love to carry mini bags for those days when they only need to carry their phones and wallets. These bags look equally elegant and lovely as other bags.

Styling Tip:

The best part about mini bags is that they can be used for both daytime and evening occasions. They’re too small for a workout. But they’re great for carrying around at concerts, and festivals. And movie theatres because they free up your hands for drinks and snacks while remaining small enough to not get in the way. You can choose from ornamented or embroidered envelop bags for formal occasions.

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