Add-On Services to Look for in Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Acquiring a web hosting plan suitable for your needs and requirements is not as easy as most website owners consider it to be. You might be able to keep your costs low while getting high storage and bandwidth; however, it can take a toll on the security essentials and other performance features, which is why it is more than necessary to pay attention to all details.

The web hosting service providers may offer you a balanced package and plan, but it can be insufficient for your advanced needs and requirements. Quitting the service and looking for a better option may not be the best solution at all times. You can opt for add-on services along with your regular package to make up for your advanced requirements, as well as enjoy high-quality service from reliable hosts.

Give a detailed read to this article to learn about the add-on services you should look for and try to ensure in web hosting for better performance and service.

Top 7 Add-On Services That Boost Web Hosting Performance

Add-on services allow the website owners to secure extra services with their plans that can optimize the performance of your website. However, it does not mean you should unnecessarily acquire all the add-on services in the hope of better performance, as it will increase your expense too. So, pick only the necessary ones to keep the situation in your control.

Here are some of the major add-on services that can boost web hosting performance, so you should ask for them to enjoy high-quality service.

1. Storage Add-Ons

The first and foremost add-on service you should look for in the web hosting plan is the storage add-on. If you are running and managing a business website, you can never have enough storage space and will always be looking for more. The ordinary hosting package may not be able to fulfill your needs, so you can ask for add-ons. Many people consult web hosting companies in Dubai to discuss the matter and reach the decision with the support and guidance of experts and enjoy better service.

2. Software Add-Ons

According to the type of your web hosting service, you will have to look after server management, configurations, and multiple other small details on your own. All of this cannot be managed efficiently without software access. So, software add-ons is another important add-on service that you need to ask for and secure to boost the performance of your website.

3. Security and Compliance Add-Ons

Security and compliance add-ons are among the most critical add-on services you need to ask for and ensure in your hosting package. Such add-ons will provide your site with an extra shield to filter the spam, manage SSL certificates, and keep the data and private information of the website users in check and well protected. It will also boost the trust and reliability of the user traffic and help you enjoy an increase in it.

4. Performance Add-Ons

One of the most important and essential add-on services you need to secure in your web hosting plan is the performance add-ons. The performance add-ons will boost the page loading speed and tackle other performance-specific issues of the websites so that the users do not have to wait for too long to access the information or data they want on a website.

5. Offsite Backups

If a server is totally hacked the backup data present on it will be of no use to you. Until and unless you take back the control of the server. You will not be able to revive your site and will have to wait for the time when the situation is under control.  But it might be too late then. So, offsite backups is another crucial add-on service you can utilize to store. The backups of your website on separate server space and utilize it well in the time of need.

6. Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

Websites and servers are always at risk of security attacks and breaches. Which can cause huge losses to the authorities as well as user traffic if they are successful. Antivirus and antimalware software add-ons are more than necessary to not only mitigate the risks of such attacks but evade them altogether. Make sure to invest in the security of your website and server to continue your successful operations.

7. Control Panel Add-Ons

The last type of add-on service you should look for in your web hosting package or plan is the control panel add-ons. The Control panel helps manage the performance and functioning of the websites. However, acquiring control panel add-ons will boost your access to the advanced features and help enhance the performance even more. You can contact web hosting companies in Dubai and consult experts for add-on services to enjoy an optimized performance.

Are you confused about necessary add-on services?

If yes, you must consult the experts to make a better choice. Get in touch with professional web hosting service providers to share all your concerns and queries and find the solutions suitable for your website.

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