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Additional Carpet Cleaning Services You May Need

In this era, carpet cleaning is no longer just about removing particles from carpets. Carpet cleaning companies are offering more services to their customers in order to win the competition and please more customers. If you’ve been using the same professional carpet cleaner all the time and want to know what other services you can offer, here are the additional services that most carpet cleaners offer:

Professional vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have always done by homeowners as regular maintenance work on carpets. However, many companies offer these services as a preparatory step for major cleaning methods. Most businesses offer these additional carpet cleaning services Norwich for free, but some may charge a small fee. Vacuuming the carpet before actually cleaning it can reduce the amount of dirt left behind, allowing you to focus your suction on the dirt that embeds in the carpet itself.


Those who clean the carpet for the first time may choose to pre-treat the carpet before cleaning. This service may be available for an additional fee, but some companies offer it free of charge as part of their package transaction. Pretreatment involves immersing the carpet in a natural cleanser that is free of chemicals. It is intended to clean the surface and protect the fibers from chemicals added during the cleaning itself. Carpets that have not been professionally cleaned previously benefited from pretreatment because of their increased resistance to harsh chemicals.


Most carpet cleaning companies use dry cleaning methods so that you don’t have to rinse your carpet. However, the liquid kep to a minimum and the carpet should dry after cleaning. If you are in a hurry because an important event schedule, you can also opt for a drying service. With a sturdy drying fan, the carpet dries completely in just a few hours.

Stain guard

Stainguard is a popular additional service offered by professional carpet cleaners. They use nanotechnology to coat each fiber of the carpet with a protective layer, making it difficult for dirt and dirt to adhere to the carpet fibers. Not only will it be easier to clean the carpet in the future, but it will actually repel dirt that can change the color and texture of the carpet and destroy it.

Is Expensive Carpet Cleaning Service Worth the Cost?

The importance of carpet cleaning services cannot rule out, especially in large homes and commercial buildings. However, there are many companies that offer carpet cleaning services these days, each of which has to compete with other companies. To stay ahead, many companies come up with new services that customers can use for an additional fee.  Is it worth paying for the expensive service provided by the carpet cleaning service? Please read to find out.

Carpet drying service

Most carpet cleaning services Norwich use dry cleaning methods. This means that you don’t need to rinse the carpet, so it doesn’t matter to dry it. However, a new type of cleaning method, called steam cleaning, contains a lot of liquid and takes longer to dry the carpet. In this case, if you are in a hurry and need to dry the carpet for a big event, we recommend using a drying service. However, if you are not in a hurry, this additional cost may not be very practical.

Eco cleaning service

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services utilize milder cleansing agents to protect the carpet. These drugs do not contain toxins that can be harmful to humans and irritate the skin. It can be thoroughly cleaned with a regular carpet cleaner, but if you need a fiber-friendly formulation of your carpet, we recommend using this service. Recommended for families with children and carpets made of rare and delicate materials. This also brings great benefits to the environment and is a bonus benefit for those who use eco-friendly services.

Particle shield

Some carpets, such as carpets in public buildings, government offices, and commercial buildings, expos to more wear than other carpets. These carpets tend to accumulate dirt faster and require more cleaning. However, even the gentler methods can stress the carpet fibers with regular cleaning. Some cleaning companies allow customers to choose a special shield guard that prevents the carpet from getting dirty faster. It actually prolongs the time you will need to send your carpet to clean again. If your carpet requires a lot of cleaning, this is a good option, but for those who don’t, it can be an unnecessary expense.

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