Use and operation of compressed air compressors

Whether we are in the industrial sector or not, we have all heard of compress air compressors. They are a common element in most production plants and are widely use in different fields of engineering.

These devices that provide power to industrial tools and machines thanks to a specific operating system. This system is base on taking gas, which normally and in most cases is air, which is then compress into a small space call a tank . In this process, an energy exchange takes place between the fluid and the machine.

However, do we really know what air compressors are used for, how they work and what parts are they made of ? Knowing the answer to these questions can help you better understand the industrial process. Below we explain all the details in relation to this topic.

What are air compressors use for?

Air compression is normally done by rapidly cooling the air with water or oil. Once compress, it is much easier to store and use. Regarding this, its  uses  cover a wide range of applications:

For the industrial sector:

  • Drilling holes
  • Materials cutting
  • Concrete pouring
  • Rock crush

For domestic use:

  • Wall painting
  • Varnish
  • Cleaning
  • Car tire maintenance
  • Swelling of mattresses, balls, etc.
Use and operation of compressed air compressors

Its operation

The  Industrial air compressor  operation is base on  turning electrical energy into mechanical energy The electrical energy is generate by an electric or combustion engine, and the mechanical energy (result of the process) passes before being pneumatic energy, which is given by compressing the air to a specific pressure (the one require by the tool or machine).

The compressor that receives the energy has an  electric motor  through which it transforms it into pressure. As it does? Compressing the air it takes in and storing it in a tank, also call a boiler.

There are also other types of  belt driven compressors . These allow  greater power  and cope with tougher jobs within the industrial sector.


When choosing an  air compressor , you have to take into account certain  technical characteristics  that we mention below:

  • Tank . The tank is the element in which the air compression is store. It can be present in different dimensions and that is precisely what will determine which model is best suite to your needs. The larger the storage tank, the more cubic feet of air per minute it can generate.
  • Flow . Each compressor is capable of guaranteeing a certain flow and pressure with a different power, so you have to choose a suitable one. To calculate the compress air needs, the use that will be given to the pressure need and the required air consumption must be taken into account.

Compressor accessories

It is advisable to take into account the  accessories  and their placement on the compressor in order to use it correctly. Among these accessories we highlight the following:

  • Filters . Before using an air compressor, they require air cleaning and drying using filters and decanters. In this way the air is free of impurities and humidity.
  • Oil . Specialize anti-wear and anti-corrosion oils are use above all for the use of pneumatic machines, which need to lubricate the air using these products.
  • Guns . There are several different types of pistols depending on their use. Among them we can distinguish those of blowing, inflation, inflation, painting .In addition to highlighting others for professional use to wash or oil machinery parts.


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