Air Strut: Why it’s Widely Applied in Vehicles

Air strut at is one of the key components of your air suspension system. They are what enable your air suspension to be fully adjustable on the go. You can adjust your car in the comfort of your own home by replacing your factory hydraulic air strut with an air strut. By doing this, you can install your airbag strut on your own. In this article, we will compare airbag struts with traditional struts.

Things you should know before you get your vehicle an air strut

There are some important facts you need to know about airbags and air struts when deciding whether to replace or install an air strut in your car.

What are airbag struts and how do air struts work?

Generally speaking, airbag struts refer to airbags with inbuilt shock absorbers as components of an air ride suspension system. The main function of air struts is to make sure that the whole system works. Thus, the air suspension system can provide a ride that is stable and smooth. That is to say, it will be a comfortable journey even on rough roads with heavy loads.

what is an air strut

Other things you need to know before selecting air struts for your car

  • They are designed for improving ride height.

As your body grows lean over time, the suspension’s compression and rebound damping performance suffer. Airbags, as its name suggests, reduce the pressure of air accumulated in the airbags and improve spring compression and rebound damping.

  • The air strut plays a significant role in the stability of a vehicle.

Without it, a vehicle would feel like it is unstable and prone to accidents. It is a very useful component, thus its demand is high. So if you own an SUV, truck, or any car with air suspension, make sure you have a reliable air suspension.

The main reason why the air suspension system is so important is that it improves the vehicle’s self-leveling stability. Think of stability as a balance between how low the vehicle can slide when it is not under full drive and how high it can jump when the car is already moving. When the air suspension is operating properly, both of these factors are balanced. The higher the air pressure, the lower the propensity of the axle to drop when the car is in motion (due to increased ground pressure and a loss of traction).

  • Air struts can be used for multiple vehicle applications.

It is very easy to install on a new or used vehicle. Most air suspension components manufacturers also provide installation guides that are user-friendly and easy to follow. So, there is no reason why you should not replace your existing air strut with an air strut aftermarket.

Advantages an air strut provides for air suspension

The benefits of air suspension systems are widely known. Its basic purpose is to improve the ride height of your car. You can use this type of strut in your vehicle applications like passenger vehicle applications, truck applications, SUV applications, and other types of vehicles with a similar suspension system. Most air suspensions components are made of durable high-quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, and aluminum alloys.

How do air struts work? (to make your ride smooth)

Now, let us discuss how air struts can make your ride more comfortable. Generally, it works by mounting onto the wheel wells in your automobile. When the strut is mounted, it provides additional height to your tires. The extra clearance height provided by the air strut will help you get a better ride. With the extra clearance, you can avoid unwanted incidents like skidding, jumping, slipping, and so on.

This is the basic mechanism of an air suspension system, but the mechanism of each individual air spring or strut will vary depending on its application. Most air suspensions use air springs that have between eight and ten inches in length. There are also other different types of air suspension systems such as the Vigor Air Ride strut, the medial strut, and the vertical strut. The air spring contains coils that are stretched between two pins. When you increase the tire’s clearance, the air cushion expands and the extra weight helps the vehicle to retain stability.

Air strut bag replacement

Now, the question is where do you find this important device? For most vehicles, the air suspension device will be included in the vehicle suspension package. However, for select models, some dealers provide this device free of charge as a standard upgrade. You can either locate the air suspension device replacement yourself, or you can bring your vehicle to a dealer who offers the device and will install it for you at a reasonable price.

air suspension strut bag

Air struts have made SUVs prevailing these years

A proper air strut suspension is one of the main reasons why SUVs have gained popularity in recent years. Most manufacturers of SUVs are using the conventional spring arrangement in their vehicles. The conventional system relies on two coils that are connected by a thin gap. The air spring is a very simple yet critical component. It acts as a shock absorber. When the air suspension moves, the weight of the suspension is transferred to the struts, which allows the vehicle to run better when the tires are running dry.

On the other hand, air strut setups are the ones that use hydraulic struts. These air suspensions use a single piston with a single plunger that increases air compression. They provide more precise tuning and are lighter than conventional air suspension systems. Air strut setups are widely used in sports cars, high-performance vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, high-speed vehicles, and import tuners.


With what has been said above, it’s obvious that air struts are welcomed because of many reasons. For one thing, it certainly improves your ride quality, both for the driver and the passengers. For another, air ride struts can be applied in various types of vehicles. Drivers of SUVs with good air strut suspension systems will definitely agree with this point.


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