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The PCBA technology of the present time has been becoming better with the passage of time. As a result, electronic items are becoming compacter and more advanced. Try to think about having to enlighten what your mobile phone can do to somebody that went into a coma for 25 years & has just woken up. They will think you were pretty mentally unstable. When Marconi did the invention of the radio, he was considered a lunatic and almost sent to a mental asylum. It was difficult for people of that time to digest something like the concept of radio waves.

Printed circuit board assembly

Fortunately, he was not sent to a mental asylum and the world witnessed great innovation in the form of the radio. All this development will not be possible without a small electronic element known by the name of PCB or printed circuit board. In the present time, the electronic industry is a multi-billion industry. Hence, there are a number of PCBA or printed circuit board assembly providers are present in the market.

A board that has no electronic components soldered on it is known as PCB or printed circuit board. As soon as the electronic components (capacitors, resistors, transistors, etc) are soldered on the circuit board, it is known as PCBA. There is a wide range of tools and techniques are used to do PCBA. The most common techniques to do this are SMT, box build technology, thru-hole technology, and more.

There are different stages involved in the process of the printed circuit board assembly. Each stage has its own importance in view of the fact that each stage is dependent upon one another.

The different stages of PCBA are given below:

  • Solder paste
  • Pick & place
  • Reflow soldering
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Final inspection

Choosing a PCBA provider

When you want to make a decision for choosing a PCBA provider, you can’t pick anyone casually and randomly. You need to make a checklist of certain points prior to hiring a provider. If you will not do this, it will certainly cost you dearly in the long run. I have seen a lot of business owners go casual when it comes to choosing a PCBA provider. In the end, they regret their decision. So as to save yourself from this regret, explore the web and choose that fits you.

Punctual with deliveries

You have to search for a company that does not delay important deadlines. Not to mention, missing important deadlines can significantly harm the growth of your business. You have to evaluate the track record of the company to find out how punctual they are with deliveries. Do not forget, a delayed project can break your business. You can contact some clients of the provider and assess their reviews regarding the deadline fulfillment of their projects.


Without a doubt, experience plays a significant role when it comes to delivering quality service and on time. You always have to find out the experience of the company before hiring them. Check how versatile their experience is. A company that has a wide experience of working with different industry clients knows how to handle tight deadlines and custom-made products.

You need to find out what PCB assembly technology they are well versed with as there are different technologies available. Further, find out what is the most challenging project they have taken so far and how well they handled it. Check out the qualifications of their employees. Also, take a look at their certifications. If the vendor is within your reachable distance, visit their facility and assess whether they are what you are looking for.

Quality matters a lot

Quality is something you should not compromise over. A company does not become a brand in the market unless they offer quality to their customers. As a result, you should hire a PCBA provider that is known for its quality services. It is highly recommended not to go for cheap services just to save some bucks. In the long run, it will be your worst decision ever.

You can figure out whether the company offers quality services is by checking the customer ratings and feedback. Further, you should find out whether the company earned any certifications. Only companies that maintain certain standards are provided with certifications like ISO.

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