All You Need to Know about Northwest Territories PNP

The Northwest Territories of Canada cover a large area of northern Canada. This area also includes its capital city Yellowknife. Every year many people immigrate to this location for its popularity, healthcare, and education services. As a result, the capital city has the highest employment rate in the entire region. If we look at past records, the Canadian territory annually receives millions of immigrant applications. The Northwest Territories PNPoffers a route for international candidates to apply for a permanent resident status in the country.

In this post, we will discuss the streams through which the program operates. Further, we will also highlight ways to apply online for the Northwest Territories PNP.

Northwest Territories PNP

Northwest Territories PNP operates through the below-listed four streams. Have a look!

Express Entry System for Skilled Workers

You can apply for Northwest Territories Express Entry program only if you are eligible for Canada’s Immigration Express Entry Pool. Also, if you have been issued an Express Entry Profile Number, or carry a job offer for the location. As a result, only the successful candidates will be allotted 600 points and an invitation to apply. For a job seeker validation code, one must carry a valid work permit, qualify as per education and work experience eligibility criteria, moving to stay permanently in the territory.

Skilled Worker Program

Introduced with an intention to benefit employers to fill a required position. This stream applies to candidates who have a job offer with a valid work permit. Also, a skilled occupation under all levels. It is vital that the candidate must be certified for the specific occupation and carry work experience for the same. Make sure to keep a financial settlement proof. Furthermore, ensure you have good communication skills in English or French. There are various English Proficiency Test one may apply for and submit the score card as a proof.

Critical Impact Worker Program

The stream includes candidates to fill the labor space when the Canadian permanent resident fails to or is unavailable to apply for the job opportunity. As a result, any candidate who needs a limited training period is eligible for permanent residency.Thus, they must have gained six months of experience in the occupation to qualify the eligibility criteria for this stream.Furthermore,make sure to have a temporary work permit of a minimum of 6 months, financial proof, English or French communication skills. Most importantly are not a refugee claimant.

Entrepreneur Business

This stream is for professionals who wish to run a startup or willing to operate in an established business. Make sure you can invest a minimum CAN$300,000 to commence a business.However, you need to invest $150,000 for an established business. Keep a copy of financial proof, hold a minimum score of 4 under the Canadian Language Benchmark.

How to Apply Online for Northwest Territories PNP Program?

One can easily apply online for the Northwest Territories PNP Program following these steps:

1: Submit an Express Entry Profile form online

2: Attach all essential documents and NOC job title and code

3: Select your province ‘Northwest Territories’ and apply for a nomination

4: Once received Invitation to Apply (ITA), go for permanent residence (PR)

5: Fill in all the details of the PR Application

6: Submit and wait for the acceptance of the PR Application.

Get in touch with the best Canadian Immigration Consultants for more information.The Northwest Territories hosts many permanent residents annually. Every year millions of immigrants look forward to apply for this program.To qualify, most of them hire professionals or consultants. It is best to get advice and other details about the Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program from an expert before applying. They will guide you through thick and thin of the program and help make a better decision.

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