Alternative Method to Migrate Teams Chat From One Tenant to Another

Summary: This article talks about the solution to migrate teams chat from one tenant to another. Moreover, we have explained some reasons to move teams chats and discussed the automated solution that will be guiding and helping users to execute MS teams migration.

Overview – Microsoft Teams Application

Microsoft teams is undoubtedly the most popular application which is part of Office 365. It’s a perfect platform for professional team meetings. Soon after it got introduced, several people started to use this to collaborate via messages and share files. Later it was commonly used by IT firms to communicate internally in the organization. MS Teams comes with various smart features that attract more customers to use it.

But sometimes, MS Teams users require to migrate teams chat from one tenant to another. It seems like an easy task to click and drag the team chat to another, but this is not the reality. Moving teams chat is a serious yet difficult job to perform.

At this stage, the user might worry about how to complete this operation. To solve this issue, we will explain the guided solution that will surely help users to complete the Teams migration.

Let’s first see under what circumstances a user needs the teams chat migration.

Situations in Which a User Needs to Migrate Teams Chat From One User to Another

Several users around the world use teams to communicate via video conference or through message chats. But there are some cases in which an organization or a user have to move teams chat to another account. For instance, a company has a teams account in which all the members are signed in but then a different department has been made.

Now, they have to create a new teams account and shift some teams member to the new account with their crucial chats. So, it becomes a duty to migrate teams chat from one tenant to another. The other reasons could be a firm restructuring or rebranding. In which, a company entirely changes its name, brand logo etc.     

Self-Operated Solution to Migrate Teams Chat from One User to Another

In this section, we will explain a simple solution that will help the users to execute this process. By using the Most In-Demand Microsoft Teams Migration tool.

Following are the steps to use the tool to migrate teams chat from one tenant to another.

  • Download, and run the teams migration tool. Next, Select office 365 as the source and destination.

  • Then, mark the  Teams, Teams Creation and Channel Creation. Users can even pick the Channel messages and files if they want.

  • Next, write the admin email and Application ID of the source tenant, then press “Validate” to associated permissions. After Teams permissions get validated. Select the Next button.

  • Then, input the admin email ID and Application ID of the destination account and then press “validate” to verify all permission.

  • Users can choose any option (Fetch User, Import Users, Download Template) in the resource tab to add users from the source tenant.

  • Now map the source users’ email address with the destination users’ email address by entering the destination emails to migrate teams chat from one user to another.

  • After that, validate permissions by clicking on the validate button.

Note- It is mandatory to check the authorization by validating the users in the case of Team Migration.

  • Now go to the Resource->Teams tab, use any option (Fetch Users, Import users, Download Template) to add teams from the source tenant that needs to move.

  • After adding source teams, then validate all the permissions.

  • After getting successful validations, select the Start Migration to begin the process to migrate teams chat from one tenant to another.

Functions of Using the Teams Migration Tool  

  • Capable of migrating Microsoft Teams, Channels, Channel Chats and Groups.
  • This tool supports various O365 subscription plans.
  • This tool enables the users to move Teams Site, Links, Member, & Member Permissions.
  •  The Delta migration option is included in this tool to move newly arrived data from the source account.
  • It is compatible with the Windows 10 (64-bit) and windows server 2012 and 2016 versions.
  • It allows users to migrate Channel Message Body, Created Date and Time, From and all kinds of Message Formatting.
  • Run migration option available to Retry Failed Items that have not migrated.
  • Gives the feature to run the entire procedure again by applying Re-Run Full Migration.
  • This tool enables users to move all the data from Private, Public, and Organization Teams.


It becomes difficult for companies to Migrate teams chat from one tenant to another. Moreover, there is no reliable manual solution for users. So, in this article, we have explained some reasons and a convenient solution that can be used to migrate the Teams char data.   

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