An Easy Method to Convert EML Files to PST Format

convert eml files to pst format

If users want to convert their EML files to the Outlook PST format then they must go through this blog. The blog provides enough information about the conversion of the EML files to PST format.

What are EML and PST formats?

An EML file is a single email file created by Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc. The main component contains ASCII content, and the main component contains attachments, plain text, and links. These individual message files are typically used by computer users to exchange certain important e-mails via electronic communication.

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PST files, on the other hand, are Microsoft Outlook files that store emails attachments, and more. Files with the .pst extension are only accessible with the Microsoft Outlook email application and are much needed by business users.

What is the need for conversion of EML files to PST format?

Below are some of the reasons for a user to convert their EML files to the Outlook PST format. Let us have a look at these reasons;

  • One EML may be susceptible to other virus attacks. Migrating to PST files can be beneficial.
  • EML files can be viewed in any EML-enabled email client. PST files will open in any version of MS Outlook.
  • EML only stores one email file. Managing multiple EML files becomes difficult. Conversion to PST results in a single file that can be easily managed in Outlook.
  • The user wants to change Outlook from Outlook or Windows Live Mail as the default email. The user must forward all mail.

Method 1. Convert EML to PST Format via a hands-on approach

For the conversion of the EML files to PST format manually users do have to follow the below-provided steps. These steps are as follows;

  • Navigate to the folder (folder) where EML files are stored.
  • Import .eml files into Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open a folder and drag and drop .eml files into any Outlook folder. (But it will limit you to dragging and releasing only one EML file at a time. Not recommended for bulk EML files.)
  • Now, send the emails to the PST file
  • Open MS Outlook >> Click on the file tab >> click Open & Sell >> click Import / Export
  • Select the “Export to File” option and click Next.
  • Click on “Outlook Data File (.pst)” >> click Next
  • Now, select the folder you want to export and click Next.
  • Browse the location where you want to save your new PST file and click Finish

These are the steps for carrying out the conversion of the EML files to the Outlook PST format manually. Moreover, users do face many restrictions while following the manual method of conversion.

Method 2: – Using EML to PST Converter

If users are looking for an easy option to convert their EML files to the PST format then they must download the MailVita EML to PST Converter Tool for Mac. The software is easy to use in the app and can be used by any user. Without facing any hurdle, a user can easily convert their EML files to PST format. The application is a compatible utility and thus users can use this advanced tool in any of the Mac Operating systems. Users can easily follow the conversion of the EML files using this advanced EML to PST Converter Software. The steps of conversion are as follows;

  • Launch the application

  • Browse the files that you want to export
  • Preview those selected files

  • Choose the format in which format you want to export your EML files
  • Choose the location to save your exported EML file

  • Finally, click on the “convert now”

Users can easily follow these steps without any hurdles.

Features of the App

Here are some of the features that are provided by this advanced EML to PST Converter tool;

  • File transfer collection – Files are transfer in batches. This means that the user has full control over which EML messages she wants to choose. Sending EML messages has no such size limit. With one click, all EML messages will be transfer to Outlook format without any problem. Also, both ANSI and UNICODE languages ​​are supported in the app.
  • Transfer Selected Files – The EML message select by the user for her will be transfer by the system. The app honors data selection options. EML messages in MB and GB are both forward in Outlook format. All versions of MS Outlook files are support by the application. The user can get the desired result by selecting the files to transfer.
  • Proper Scanning and Preview – Proper scanning and previewing of EML messages are done systematically. This is done to give the user a better experience. This app provides a place to preview the EML messages that you have selected for transfer.
  • Independent Applications – Applications are independent systems and perform direct communication functions. No need to install another application to continue the transfer function. The forwarding function can be easily perform without installing mail client software or MS Outlook. It’s a completely independent application.

Advance Features of the Application

  • Wide support for EML files from different applications: All healthy EML data files are well support by the program to convert into PST file format. It can be from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, or any email client.
  • Pre-testing mode before purchase: For your satisfaction, you can self-evaluate the software by simply downloading its trial version either on your Mac or on your Windows system. This free version easily converts the first 10 EML files into MS Outlook PST files.
  • No support for any email client: You don’t need to have any email client on your system for the conversion of EML data files. This application completely works independently without any hassles.

These features help every single user for easy conversion of the EML files to the Outlook PST format.


The EML, as well as PST file, is support by many email clients. Due to the reasons provided above users do need to convert their EML files to the Outlook PST format. we have provided the information about the conversion of the EML files to the Outlook PST format. Moreover, we have discussed manual as well as professional methods to convert the EML files to the Outlook PST format.

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