Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications in Business Sectors

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only a trendy buzz word, but it is becoming a bigger part of our daily lives. There are so many places where artificial intelligence is taking over things that required manual human effort. AI has changed that completely by providing a much more efficient and tireless solution for menial tasks of all kinds.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is an attempt to replicate the thinking process of humans for machines. Typically, they do it with computer systems and involve special hardware and software. Demining on the type of implementation you have in mind; you will need to write a different software for learning. And, use a different type of hardware to house it.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the basic learning component for AI is the same as machine learning. These are programs designed to capture massive data sets to derive parallel lessons. Here are a few of the many fields where artificial intelligence is playing a leading role.

1.      Healthcare Sector

The need for human interaction is extremely important in the healthcare sector. But, with the increasing gap between healthcare providers and patients, an intervention had become necessary.

AI has provided such intervention in many ways, that too by taking on the role of doctors where needed. The biggest contributors of AI in the health sector are the app developers in DC.

All they have to do is pair up with a business opportunist, generate an idea, share it with a healthcare app development company and change the game. Most importantly, these developers are leveraging machine learning in healthcare as advances.

The popular online AI-based consultations are mobile applications that use AI to determine symptoms in patients. Then, they use demographic and research data to provide suitable and accurate consultations. Research also leverages AI for disease discovery and identification even before they exist. Scientists do this through modeling to create more effective remedies for patients.

2.      Real Estate

There are so many applications of artificial intelligence in real estate. Companies like Zillow are using it for several different functions. The most obvious is guessing the preferences of a user based on their previous usage history and search filters. Apart from that, some systems also use it to provide price suggestions for properties. This can work for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can give suitable offers for properties they want to buy. Sellers can ask for a market competitive price meeting the features only they’re offering in their property.

  1. Banking and Finance

There are several incredible applications of AI in banking and finance, each of them being critical for some role. Even the most used apps, AI chatbots, are set up to understand natural language. Then, they provide relevant answers by analyzing historical and initially fed data. Customers no longer need to wait for chat agents to respond and can get answers to most basic questions instantaneously. They do it by adding other quick features that do not require human intervention. AI helps predictive modeling, generating credit scores, and even decision-making for major projects.

4.      Forensics

Forensics has grown beyond the traditional field work and has a presence in the cyber world that surpasses its presence in the field. With so many crimes happening online, a strong forensics system is extremely crucial, and AI is making that possible. investigators can use it to find patterns and hypothesize countless scenarios. It can also help law enforcement authorities in preventing crimes. This is done by analyzing patterns and release warnings of potential scenarios.

5.      Waste Management

There are so many new ways in which AI has improved waste management. Some of those solutions already exist and are currently in use by municipal authorities globally. One such application is waste calculation systems. In these, AI predicts the amount of waste a particular household or area is expected to produce. Then, adjust waste collection resources accordingly. This can bring efficiency to the system and reduce the effort where it is not needed. It can also help generate information that consumers can use to reduce their own waste creation.

6.      Retail and Ecommerce

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest applications of AI is chatbots and what better place to use it than on a shopping platform. Ecommerce and retail stores can use AI based chatbots to not only drive customers into the shop and increase sales, but also collect useful information that can be used for targeted marketing while the users are on the site. They also provide a personalized shopping experience which would help increase sales and brand loyalty.

7.      AI in Automotive Industry

AI has been a part of the automotive industry for as long as anyone can remember. There are countless plants around the world now where production lines are fully controlled using robots. These robots do not require human intervention and operate automatically through an independent central command system. that manages every aspect of production to not only make cars quickly but prevent potential disasters as well. Outside the factories, technologies like lane assist, automatic braking, and handsfree driving are all examples of AI being used to make the vehicles self-controlled and fully automatized.

8.      AI in Space

Modern space exploration is all about AI as most of the systems that were once controlled by humans are now functioning on their own. Even exploration missions require AI, and the latest Mars mission is a great example of that. A super complex machinery that not only takes care of itself but uses AI to make real time decisions that make the most of its presence on the red planet. Same is the case for other applications. Examples include: sending supplies to the ISS, deploying satellites into orbit, use of equipment like the James Webb space telescope.

9.      Entertainment Sector

The application of AI in entertainment is expanding by the day and we are seeing new roles of AI systems that were impossible to delegate. AI systems now do most systemic tasks like sound production, script splitting, storyboarding, list making, and scheduling. This allows more time for creative work, and there is AI in that as well. Graphics generation for animated films and even live-action films happens with AI. It can generate massive data without any input or help.


These are only a few of the areas where AI has shown its potential to make our lives easier by providing suitable solutions. The developments that are happening at an experimental level with AI are quite frankly astounding. We are seeing so much potential that AI can bring to a lot of critical areas. It can even help improve governance, and economies while increasing safety and security for the masses. Do you have any ideas on how AI could help make the world a better place? Do let us know in the comments below.



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