As Professional Movers Help You Move, Here Are Some Ways to Stay Healthy

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As you pack, open doors, handle boxes, and settle in your new home, your hands will pick up germs, bacteria, and viruses from the various locations you touch. Washing frequently guarantees that any disease-causing contaminant you have picked up is washed away, reducing your chances of being ill. For the professional movers, you can also provide antibacterial soap and paper towels in the bathroom. Wear a mask and keep your hands away from your face as COVID-19 measures. As the number of cases rises, donning masks can be an important precaution to take. When moving, you will come into contact with a variety of people; however, a mask will serve to provide some protection.

You can add to this by keeping a distance of at least six feet between you and everyone else. Do not contact your face after sanitising your hands with the suggested sanitizers. It is advised that you avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. It may be difficult to follow this rule, as the typical person touches their face 16 times every hour, according to Healthline.

Regularly washing your hands can help reduce your risks, but you should also avoid touching your face.

Request that the movers wear masks

All COVID-19 safety measures should be followed by professional movers in brisbane. You can remind the movers to wear masks and to sterilise or wash their hands periodically once they arrive to assist you with your relocation.

Frequently sanitise high-touch areas

Surfaces that are often touched are known as high-touch sites. With their hands, these persons can readily contaminate these regions or pick up pathogens from these surfaces. Clean high-touch areas such as light switches, door handles, and shared equipment on a regular basis. When you sanitise these areas, you reduce your chances of picking up germs on your hands when you come into contact with them. As a result, when you touch your face or eat before washing your hands, you will not introduce them into your body. You should disinfect these areas in your new home as well.

Is it Necessary to Use Moving Blankets?

Absolutely. They’re a quick and economical way to get your belongings ready to relocate. Moving blankets are an essential item to have on moving day for several reasons: They not only protect your old tables from nicks, but they also ensure that your urns, glass slippers, and lamps arrive in one piece in your storage unit or at your new house. Moving blankets keep your nightstands free of filth, dust, and debris, as well as reducing the risk of your mirrors shattering during the move, saving you 7 years of misery.

What Should I Do With Them?

Furniture blankets are usually 6 to 7 feet long on each side and are made up of several layers of filler materials (cotton, polyester, and nylon) that are stitched together in the same way that a bedsheet is. Moving blankets are usually two-sided, with a lighter-colored side and a darker-colored side.

Wrap any things that require extra protection during the move with the lighter side of the blanket. The darker side will have to be confronted. Insert additional moving blankets in the crevices between boxes and household furniture when going a long distance to prevent belongings from moving inside the truck. Because moving blankets aren’t waterproof, cover your items with plastic if it rains during your relocation.

Open the Windows

Bringing fresh air into your home can help to reduce your chances of becoming ill from germs in the air. By allowing air to move through your windows, you can avoid the viral participles from gathering in your home. You can open the windows in both your existing and new homes, especially when expert movers in brisbane are packing, unpacking, or moving your belongings. To ensure that air is moving out of your home, turn on exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen.

Increase Your Immunity

To boost your natural immunity, take your vitamins, drink enough of water, get enough sleep, and eat healthy meals. A strong immune system reduces your chances of being unwell. You can recover quickly if you become ill.

Getting adequate sleep also reduces weariness and the risk of developing a cold while you’re on the move. When you’ve completed your shifting, the process will be much easier. You’ll have the stamina and focus required to ensure a smooth transition into your new house. If you’re looking for a moving company in Brisbane that won’t put your health at risk, call OZZIEE MOVERS for dependable and secure moving services.

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