The Functioning of Disavow Tool

As we step into the world of content writing and digital marketing, we look into a lot of Functioning factors, before we finalize our work. In fact, offering a well to do content along with the right marketing strategy is way more difficult than it seems. 


Each and every content writer or marketer wants that their content spreads to a wider audience. Therefore, they make us offer various search engine optimization techniques for the purpose. 


Prominent among them is generating backlinks for your site. Once you start the practise if creating backlinks or getting them, your audience sees a large surge in number. Your content attracts the attention of a greater audience, and your marketing strategy thus sees a high success. 


But in your search for the high-quality inbound backlinks, sometimes you may also land up with bad backlinks. These bad backlinks are nothing but the ones that are generated through the spammy websites wherein these spammy websites have low quality content as well as a weak domain authority. 


For the purpose of removing these backlinks, and getting our site back to its original position, Google built the disavow tool which disavows these links. 

Every year Google’s algorithm goes through a billion of pages to identify the spammy content and get the site rid of it. Certain link penalties assigned by the algorithm are imposed upon these sites. 


But there are chances that some innocent sites may have also target in the process, since they generate their backlink from the spammy site. In such cases, the disavow tool of Google comes to the rescue and helps filter out these sites and saves you from complete destruction. Therefore, we will start with an elaborate discussion on this tool and why is it important for the SEO.

How does the Disavow Tool function?

Since the tool has been designed to help people get rid of the bad backlinks, therefore it first hunts for these bad backlinks. 


But several sites resort to this tool as the last option, reason being that if this tool detects a link that was good and was not affecting the search engine optimization, in that case Google may penalize you for naming the good backlinks as bad ones. 


Usually small to medium sized businesses do not resort to this method, since they do not have such a wide link connection and thus, they are not dealing with complex link networks. 


See always whenever you are trying to get a great audience for your site and feel that some bad backlink is affecting your ranking, then resort to this tool because its main purpose is to get rid of such low-quality backlinks. 


For instance, there are certain sites which claim to offer great guest posts services, and once people get a backlink from these sites, it may result in spam. For all such purposes, disavow tool is use. 


Now when do you have to use this tool is whenever your get a manual action message in Google Search Console which says that your page may be tanked lower in Google Search Engine Ranking Process, 


due to the low-quality content, or if the message appearing says that there are unnatural links detect for your site. 


Such a warning may indicate that there are spammy links to your site which you might want checking and rectifying. These bad or spammy links may be tied to link schemes, which happens to be a manipulation tactic that will claim to help your site rank higher. 


These may include directly getting links to your site, selling links or even high-volume link trading. If you wish to avoid such happenings, constantly keep an eye on your backlinks and check out for suspicious links that may lead to negative SEO issues and thus force Google to lower your ranking.


In case, you receive such messages, you may use the disavow tool to avoid getting penalize.  For this you must go to the disavow links tool on the Google Search Console, then select your website and add a file with those links that you wish to disavow. 


After you do this, Google will review these links and come back to your site, which will usually take a few weeks’ time. After the problem is address and your backlinks have remove, get back again to Google Search Console with a reconsideration request, 


which is a follow up review of your site to ensure that the links that were causing issue, have disavow. You can also ask Google to come back to your site so that the process of removal of backlinks have acknowledge. 


Also, if you wish to get a better understanding of backlinks on your site, you may go to the ‘Links to your Site’ option on Google Search Console. From here you can identify the bad links to your site. 


There are chances that from whichever site you are taking guest post services, you may get bad backlinks. So, you might need to sort them out. Also, after this you can export the list and sort the links accordingly. This will help you identify the spammy links and get an increase in your ranking.

Importance of Disavow Tool


The search engine optimization tool helps us a lot in getting high ranking for our site. But there are certain technical involve in the process. We have all acquainted ourselves with the process of writing correct content and correct keywords for the process, 


but there are other technique as well which help in search engine optimization. One of them is the disavow tool. Although user are recommend to use less of the tool, yet it happens to be a great tool for the search engine optimization. 


The tool can help you get rid of the spammy mail all at once that too with the help of Google and its tools. But there are people who recommend that one must first detect 


these backlinks and try to remove them manually by going back to the site from whom you have got the guest post services or backlinks in any way. Contact the owner of the site and do the needful. 


If you are not able to make mends even using this way, since the owners have either not responded to your message or have failed to get the error rectified, in such a case you can use either the proactive or the reactive approach to deal with the problem. 


The proactive approach means keeping an eye on these backlinks and regularly checking them so that you may keep a track of the bad or low-quality backlinks. On the other hand, the reactive approach means that you can use the disavow tool of Google in order to get rid of the backlinks. 


Experts suggest that the former approach is much more impactful because google can help you manage things one a lighter note. Until and unless you get a great amount of spammy links, do not go for the disavow tool. And again repeating, you have to use the disavow tool very carefully in order to let yourself away from any penalties imposed by Google. 


Therefore, you can use the disavow tool of Google in order to get rid of backlinks which are spammy in nature and which you might have got because of entry of some paid guest posts on your site, which might be actually spammy in nature.

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