Athenahealth review – Features and Drawbacks

About Athenahealth EMR: 

The first software of AthenahealthEMR was launched in 1997 by Jonathan Bush and Todd Park, in the United States of America. Athena EMR came into the industry as a result of mergers and acquisitions. It was the first company to openly advocate using the cloud to reduce paper usage and to openly challenge the US government’s stringent rules aimed at discouraging the use of cloud-based electronic systems (EHR). By 2015. Therefore, the software established itself as the best EHR software, with hospitals as large as Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston employing it.

Athena Billing System is suitable for small and medium-sized clinics, as well as business as large as hospitals. However, Its areas of expertise include cloud-based electronic health records, revenue cycles, patient engagements, and care coordination. Therefore, The software has in-built support features and templates for practices including OBGYN, cardiology, primary care, orthopedics, and member-centric organizations. 

Review of Athenahealth by doctors: 

Athenahealth EMR System has an impressive score of 4 over 5 stars in the reviews on Software Finder. More than 80% of users have rated the software with 5 stars.   


  • The users have praised the medical billing software of Athenahealth EMR. The Athena Billing System is user friendly and highly cohesive with the back-team identifying issues and making suggestions to improve returns.   
  • The team makes the users feel heard and eagerly provides timely real-time solutions.   
  • The users who shifted to Athenahealth EMR from another EHR described the process as extremely easy and smooth. No data was lost and the transition had no hassles. The customer support team also provided assistance in the very early stages of set ups to ensure no mistakes are made and the administration staff is well trained.    
  • The apps are available on mobile, tabs, laptops and PCs alike. This increases mobility and ease in filling forms.  
  • The patient history automatically available on the Athenahealth EMR’s electronic health records regarding their prior treatments increases the scope of the practice.  
  • Many users have claimed that the promise by Athenahealth EMR to increase productivity is true and they realised more gains and activities within a short period of installation.   
  • The software is free of glitches as well as there are very frequent and automatic updates.  


  • The billing software of Athenahealth EMR is not as robust as its other features.  
  • The transferring of ongoing billing transactions is tiresome and costly. 
  • The pricing of the software is a bit on the higher side and is difficult to afford for the smaller businesses. 

Overall, in reviews, the users are extremely content with the value of money they invested in Athenahealth EMR.


Athena EMR System increases the efficiency and productivity of the clinical practices, either administrative, billing management, revenue management, patient traffic management, or medical practices. Therefore, Read more about it below: 

Increased Administrative Productivity: 

The administrative personnel spend the majority of their time filing claim returns. Athena EHR alleviates this significant load by giving a straightforward solution. EHR’s back-teams identify, improve, and file claims on behalf of the administrative staff.  

Athena EMR Software finds almost 96% of rejected claims and resubmits them after making the necessary amends.  Therefore, This increases the annual revenue of the clinic by 69%.  

However, This fabulous service with the subscription of the ‘Revenue Cycle Management’ feature.  


Athena EHR System provides users with automatic access to the data included within its records, regardless of where or who treats the patient. However, The accuracy and effectiveness of the care services improves as a result of this shared patient data all over the Athena EMR datasets. Therefore, It allows the doctor to make a more informed assessment and reduces the time spent on collecting patient data for diagnostic purposes. 

Patient Management: 

On the award-winning patient portal of the Athena EMR, patients can view their e-prescriptions, lab tests, and diagnosis results. The patient is allocated to a care team, which is responsible for responding to their queries and concerns. However, The patient can communicate directly with their care team via the patient portal, E-mails, and calls. Self-scheduling and simple payment options via mobile app add to the convenience.  

As part of patient awareness and education campaign, many automatic alerts and campaigns are given to the patients. Increased visits for annual check-ups, screenings, and vaccines result thanks to this feature. 

Therefore, All these amazing features are enabled through the ‘Patient Communicator’ service on Athena EMR System. 

Improved Performance: 

The clinic can gain thorough knowledge of the insights generated based on their operation’s risk and size levels. As a result of the recommendations made in these reports, production, efficiency, and, eventually, profitability increases. 

Virtual Care Delivery: 

Using virtual platforms such as Skype and Zoom, ‘athenaTelehealth’ connects doctors and patients. However, Other professionals can be inviting to participating in the virtual conference so the patient can get a holistic opinioning after giving their approval. 

Since ‘athenaTelehealth’ is integrated with labs and pharmacies, there is no need for a separate platform. Therefore, Patients can utilise the patient portal to order medications and obtain reports from their lab and diagnostic centre. 

Pricing of Athenahealth EMR: 

The license for Athena EMR costs $140 per practitioner per month. To illustrate, two practitioners would have to pay $280 per month, $140 each month, and a total of $3,360 per year. There are additional costs for migrating patient information from Athena’s electronic health records for up to 1000 patients, along with staff training sessions.  

The cost of Athena EMR Software is justified as it adds to the productivity and profitability of the clinics. However, The back teams and in-built features create a lot of ease and speed in the practices. 

Therefore, To get a price quote and watch a free demo of Athena EMR Software, one of the top EMR software, contact Software Finder.

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