Australian Medical Council Exam: Frequently Asked Questions

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In response to the concerns about how difficult the Australian Medical Council Exam is, the reply certainly relies on a variety of things, such as how much effort one devotes to studying for the AMC test, have you taken the AMC exam preparation course as well as how relevant the medical standard of education should be to the Australian setting. To finish the AMC, you must take two independent tests rehearsal including the AMC MCQ preparation course online and practical experience in the medical field, as the exam has two sections i.e., Section 1 is an MCQ test, while Section 2 is a practical test.

What happens if the AMC somehow doesn’t accept my graduate degree?

It is indeed likely that the institution is recent or it was overlooked by the AMC. Initially, ensure that it has been listed in the “World Directory of Medical Colleges”. One may inquire with the AMC about accepting the institution, but there is really no assurance.

How many times may I take the AMC MCQ exam?

You may do it in as many instances as you would like. However, because of the high expense, most individuals just sit for it once. As with many other tests, the odds of succeeding are highest on the very first attempt and gradually decline with the term.

How frequently may I take the AMC Clinical test?

Anyone might curl up quite so many sessions as they like, although there is frequently a bottleneck, and since the AMC has evolved to favor fresher applicants over through the seasons. Remember, taking this examination is expensive, and the overall odds of succeeding decrease as you continue the process.

To seek a traineeship or a work permit, I must meet the English language criteria, such as proof of equivalence or IELTS?

You most emphatically should. Only if you can demonstrate your English skill expressed in different ways, which is typically challenging for most International Medical Graduates. There are courses for English language certification just like the AMC MCQ preparation course online.

Is that really necessary to pass either of the English language examinations, like TOEFL or ILETS, before taking the AMC Part 1 exam?

No. It may be prudent to postpone this until you’ve already completed the AMC Section 1 because there is a deadline within which the score is being approved.

How far do I need to get on the English language test?

The IELTS requires an average band of at least 7.0, with a least 7.0 in every part, according to regulations. Likewise, a total rating of B and a least of B throughout all 4 elements are necessary for the OET. Some organizations, though, may check at such statistics and seek people with higher test scores.

Is it necessary to pass the AMC Section 2 in case of applying for a job?

You do not really. However, if students find a job without finishing Section 2, they must pass everything as a component of their provisional certification before applying for generic certification. Organizations appreciate people who have completed both AMC Section 1 and Section 2. above and beyond those with just section 1.

Is there a substitute for the AMC Exam system?

There is really no other option for International Medical Graduates on the Regular Route except to take the Australian Medical Council MCQ exam.


All you need to get a job is to pass your AMC exam with the highest scores. You can find your choice of AMC MCQ preparation course online for part 1 MCQ exam and the clinical AMC exam preparation course for the practical part.

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