Aya Neo review – AMD Ryzen handheld gaming device

Aside from the bugs, the Aya Neo is a pretty cool handheld gaming PC. At least, I believe so. But I’m also a techie who enjoys experimenting with new technologies. As a result, Aya neo is a handheld gaming PC for a very specific audience. It is also extremely expensive. So, before you invest in something like this, do your research. I’ve shared my experience after owning this for a month now in this article, so you know what to expect.


The right as well as left sides of the device are meant for holding the gadget so there aren’t any ports or anything– simply buttons. It feels natural to hold also. 1.43 lbs is not the lightest gadget, however it’s not too bad once you get utilized to it. It’s not like my hands burnt out or anything.


For a much better feeling, Aya Neo also offers grips that you can affix to the gadget. I chose to wait before connecting these, as they are sending me a substitute covering eventually. I additionally like the method this rests on a table now as well as I believe grips would only make that worse.


If you’re thinking of maintaining this point in your pocket like you do the Nintendo Switch over, think again. This is way too large, unless you have actually really loosened pockets. It’s much more impossible if you install those grips.


aya neo situation


As for IO, there’s a number of USB-C ports on the top and an additional one under The top 2 are reserved for data and all-time low is for data as well as billing. That bottom port hooks into a dock that is marketed individually, yet likewise supports Displayport, if you intended to outcome to a display.


There’s very little else in regards to IO. Simply a headphone jack on the leading and that’s it. The remainder of the area on the top is scheduled for fan exhaust. And also all-time low has intermediaries for the speakers it is best handheld gaming pc.


sides bottom.


It’s a quite cool design if you ask me. It’s very easy to hold, take down and also stand. It’s light sufficient and really feels tough. I feel like it’ll last a very long time. Just do not drop it!


Many Control and also Buttons

Being a handheld video gaming tool, certainly, you expect there to be a great deal of switches. As well as there are! In fact, there’s just the correct amount, in my very own point of view.


On the left-hand side you obtain an analog joystick on top, a D-pad below, and 4 buttons: beginning, pick, Xbox link and also an eyeball switch which apparently manages RGB illumination that does not exist. Huh?


On the right, we have the typical ABXY buttons on the top. Underneath is an additional analog joystick. Both of these joysticks are clickable for R3 and also L3 incidentally. As well as at the bottom is one more 4 switches: Windows key, Esc, Task Supervisor, and also a committed keyboard button.


That keyboard switch will call up a software key-board to go on top of whatever you are doing, just in case you require to hit a particular secret for any type of factor. Otherwise, you’re stuck without attaching a USB key-board or something. It’s little however it works well enough.


aya neo front


On the shoulders, there are two switches on each edge, comparable to what you would certainly see on an Xbox controller. Ultimately, on the top side, you have a power switch and also quantity buttons. These switches are exceptionally low profile too. I don’t mind this for the power button, yet I ‘d have preferred my quantity switches to be a bit taller. No biggie– the speakers are so quiet that my volume is generally at 100%. Much more on that particular soon.


sides top


Currently let’s discuss how well this all works. Essentially, I assume the controls functioned fine. The joysticks are virtually similar to those that I have actually seen on other handhelds, so there were not a surprises. For the majority of games they work wonderful, however, for others they are a little as well delicate. This can all be readjusted in game settings though, so it’s just something you’ll have to dabble with to optimize.


The switches offer pretty suitable feedback when pushed. The bottom buttons are excellent, but I would love to see a tiny bit much more travel on the ABXY buttons. At least they aren’t mushy. I was able to use all the buttons simply fine, so left as it is I think it’s fine.


The paint on the buttons is also a little … poor quality. Several of the switches I have a touch time reviewing the letters, like KB. And I didn’t have an idea what to make from that eyeball trick. Yet all this is getting updated in the following set also.


The other switches obtaining updated are the shoulder switches. Currently I assumed these were fine, but Aya Neo is altering them bent on be analog rather than electronic. What this implies is competing games will certainly have the ability to take advantage of this, making them much more playable. I’m open to this, yet we’ll see just how well they perform when I get them.




The screen on this device is 7 inches with an optimum resolution of 1280 × 800 px and also a refresh price of 60Hz. It’s an IPS screen, with some of the very best watching angles I’ve ever before seen– similar to what you would certainly see on a luxury mobile phone. It’s a great panel, but it’s much from ideal.


Fact is, the backlight bleeding on my panel is some of the most awful I have actually ever seen. Now bear in mind that I have the first set of units readily available– so yeah, I got a few of the bugs. Yet it’s there for my unit as well as it’s totally inappropriate in my opinion. Not only can I see it on every black display, it also shows up with colors on some video games.


The bright side is the proprietor of Aya Neo said the future sets should not have this concern. He also used to repair the backlight hemorrhage on mine as well as others units from the very first batch. To ensure that is accountable for them at least.


The various other beef I have with this panel is the color accuracy. The default account was hot, so my very first impulse was to calibrate the panel. Yet it ended up being very challenging, as whatever I attempted, some of the shades would certainly appear strange looking. I returned back to the default account and just coped with it.


I did get some measurements on my X-rite i1 Display Pro sensor and also below’s what I obtained:

So, not the best comparison ratio or optimum brightness either. But to be honest, the illumination was just great to me. Simply do not anticipate to utilize it outside versus sunshine is all. Specifically thinking about the screen is shiny and glass– the glare would be horrible.


Generally, I’m not all that thrilled with this panel. It suffices, yet certainly has space for enhancement. Even if I obtain the backlight bleed enhanced, I still believe I’ll be a little disappointed with the shade inaccuracy a little bit. Perhaps I’ll figure something out though.


Again, the proprietor of Aya Neo has actually expressed dissatisfaction with this panel until now, so probably he’ll have the ability to resource an additional one in the future. I likewise recognize that in my upgrade kit I’ll be obtaining a new display, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Hardware as well as efficiency

The Aya neo Handheld gaming includes a third Gen AMD Ryzen 5 4500U. This is a 6 core cpu efficient in 2.3 Ghz per core and 4.0 Ghz boost. I wouldn’t count on hitting that 4.0 Ghz, however. Even after a number of secs with a Cinebench run, the regularity swiftly levels off around 3.0 Ghz.


There’s no specialized GPU in this device, so you need to rely on the integrated Radeon RX Vega 6 graphics. This isn’t the very best choice for pc gaming, but at least we’re just driving an 800p display here.


There’s 16GB of LPDDR4X-4266 memory in my system. I’m pretty favorable this is soldered onto the mainboard, so no chance of updating it. Honestly however, there’s little to no factor to have more than 16GB of RAM for this level of video gaming. Despite having my most thorough area in Valheim, I only took care of to hit 7GB of used RAM.


There’s a 512GB M. 2 SSD in my system. They use bigger drives, yet I honestly don’t see any reason why you ‘d want one. More on that quickly. The drive is plenty quick sufficient though. I took some CrystalDisk readings and also obtained the common NVMe readings for a supply SSD. That’s pretty much all you need for this level of video gaming though.


I took some synthetic standards with the default setups. Right here’s what I obtained:


3DMark 13– Fire Strike: 2966 (Graphics– 3249, Physics– 10927);.


The results reveal that this is a suitable CPU option for this tool as well. The multicore performance is good enough for any kind of game that may need 6 cores( possibly not many). Yet the single-core results are basically equally as high as the R7 5700U.



I don’t believe I’m also mosting likely to attempt some video games though. Cyberpunk for example doesn’t play well with a dGPU, so I can’t imagine playing without one. Horizon Absolutely no Dawn was also sort of difficult to play on the iGPU.


But for even more requiring titles, you can still Steam stream. That is, presuming you have a PC that can manage them on the same network. I was steam streaming Horizon No Dawn from my desktop for a good hour, with zero troubles. The refresh rate stuck at 60fps pretty much the entire time. Various other titles need to do just as well assuming you have good Wifi.


No males sky heavy steam streaming.


However even if you can play some of these titles, it doesn’t indicate you should. Perspective Zero Dawn, for example, had not been that fun to me. At 800p on a 7″ display, the degree of information was much from helpful for that game. Intending was very challenging often also. However perhaps for a video game like that, I would certainly simply set the problem to informal and simply enjoy it as opposed to being ultra worried.


There’s also the struggle of finding video games that are also usable without a mouse and keyboard. This is mosting likely to coincide struggle for those interested in the Heavy steam Deck. Fact is, computer games are typically built for PC customers– who possess a mouse and also key-board.



The only reason I’m mentioning it is, while these tools may seem truly trendy, you really need to take a look at your library and also choose what you’ll actually use a gadget such as this. And if it’s worth spending hundreds of bucks for.

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