Back-to-school traditions : unforgettable memories

Back-to-school traditions

The summer daytimes are reaching a stop, and as we get closer and closer to the first day of school, many parents remember their back-to-school days. Also Read: Cow Coloring Pages

Today’s parents want to create the same great back-to-school memories for their children. To this end, some families have developed unique traditions for when their children return to school. Is it necessary to establish your habits? No, but it’s never too late! Here are some ideas for setting up special rules when your children return to school.

Back-to-school traditions = unforgettable memories

1 . Take pictures of them

Taking pictures of all the special moments from the first day of school is a tradition that many parents take the time to do every year, each in their way. Marika, in Normandy, let me know that she took a picture of each of her children wearing a blackboard, with the year and the class they entered written in chalk. These photos become a time marker for each school year: “I know that it will be wonderful to look at these compiled photos”.

You can have your kids pose in the same spot every year on the first day of school and take a photo to see the kids’ progress and changes over time. It may be in front of a tree, which grows with the child. But it can also be on the porch or at the bus stop. You can also take a “before” school photo in the morning, and another “after” photo when your children come home, hopefully still smiling!

2 . “The last summer meal” or “back to school breakfast.”

A simple way to welcome back to school is to allow each child to choose their menu for a “last summer meal” or a “back to school breakfast”. Be flexible and remember something happens during that meal; it can be a favorite home-cooked meal or a trip to your favorite pizzeria or allowing everyone to have their dessert first if that’s what. What the children ask for it’s your tradition, so do what will make it unforgettable for your family. You can also create a festive atmosphere by decorating the school-themed dinner table with a blackboard, crayons, pieces of chalk, etc.

3 . Back-to-school sweets

Who says birthday is the only day children can give candy to their classmates? Your child can start a tradition by handing out sweets on which they can attach fun “surveys” to learn a little more about their classmates. It can hang questions like: “Where have you been this summer?” or “Were you eager to go back to school?”. This promotes communication between classmates, especially with newcomers, from the start of the school year.

4 . Plan a late afternoon activity

An excellent idea for the older ones!! If your child and his friends want to celebrate their first day of school after school, you can, for example, plan a “cinema” session at home for them to meet. They will have a familiar place to relax to discuss their new teachers and classes and their anxieties and desires for this new school year.

5 . Make a splash with a party

An annual tradition could be to create a big event on the eve of the start of the school year before returning to school: the back-to-school party! Plan a meal or a festive snack, a few small games, water-filled balloon fights, then swim in the pool if you have one; you can also plan pool games. Invite the neighbourhood children and, at the end of the party, the children can go home with a bag full of sweets and school-related objects (pens, pencils, erasers, a notebook and some candies!

6 . first-day gift

Here’s a simple traditional idea that allows you to reflect on your children’s first day of school. Hence, they look forward to that first day and set the tone for a positive transition to a busier: When the kids come home on the first day, plan a “first-day surprise” for them on their bed—something small but unique, like a video game, gift card, or stuffed animal.

7 . The smells of memories

You can create lasting memories through the senses. When I was little, the return home from the first day of school was always marked by the beautiful smell of warm chocolate cookies that my mother prepared for my sisters and me to taste. The aroma of freshly baked cookies is ingrained in my nostrils forever. It was an authentic back-to-school tradition every year in our house. It remains a beautiful childhood memory!! I restarted this rule today with my son with hotcakes; the snack on the first day of school has always been made with pancakes since he was tiny.

8 . Make a box of dreams

Create a “box of dreams” with your child, or use a box that your child fills over the year with newspaper clippings and various media that reflect or relate to their dreams and aspirations. Encourage your child to identify and set goals. On the first day of school, he will open his box with magazine articles on his models, for example, or photos of distant places he hopes to discover one day.

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