Benefits of Dash Cams

Dash Cam

However, finding the right on-board camera solution to suit the specific needs of your operation is not always easy. In this FAQ, we aim to provide a slightly more detailed look at dash cams. Including key features that will help you get the results you’re looking for.

What Are On-Board Cams?

As the name suggests, Dashcams are cameras that are placed on the dashboard of your car. Beyond this basic definition, dashcam features and functions begin to diverge. Some dash cams only focus on the road, others have cameras that focus on both the road and the driver.

Some collect only photos, others collect video clips. Another important component is audio, which is not included in all dash cams. Although it can be a critical component in supporting your goals. It’s worth noting that in-cab audio recording devices are banned in some states. So make sure you know your local regulations.

Are All On-Board Cams The Same?

While many look similar, the models differ. Some dashcam models with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) can be expensive and offer few benefits. While other dashcam options may be too basic to provide the basic features that provide the protection and data teams need to improve results.

At Thinkware, we thoroughly research and test all of our hardware and continue to update our Dashcam offerings based on improved technology and services.

Can You Buy A Dash Cam Off The Shelf And Use It Without A GPS Fleet Tracking Service Provider?

While buying a consumer dash cam from Amazon or another store may seem like a good and sometimes cheaper option. It won’t provide the same data and results needed to make a real impact. For example, with the Thinkware Dash cam offering, it is designed to be implemented in multiple vehicles, with media access in a central location.

Most off-the-shelf cameras that don’t have the benefit of integrating a GPS tracking service use an SD card with media placed on that card that you have to physically log in to access. and damage may occur. And while you can get video clips of incidents, you don’t necessarily have the ability to quickly find clips or data to check how fast the car was going, bad practice trends, or other important telematics insights. . that helps reduce risk and protect your business.


While many service providers provide a wide variety of offerings, the key components that are important to get the best results are:

  • The ability for your drivers to give a verbal command when an incident occurs for automatic tagging of “events” in your video library.
  • This gives your team a reliable and efficient way to quickly find the clips they need.
  • Take pictures regardless of the time of day – infrared vision (more commonly referred to as “night vision”) provides good lighting for the driver’s video feeds, without which video clips can be distorted and accessible.
  • Additional protection when the car is unattended – Guard Mode is a feature that allows the camera to detect impacts and intrusions even when the car is turned off.
  • Automatic regular video recording with cloud media storage – ensures your media is protected in case the dash cam unit is damaged Instant access to media files for quick viewing when you need it – whether you’re answering a customer call or verifying an incident, quick access to video (recorded in seconds) is key

Is Live Streaming Important?

Live Broadcast or often called Live View is a continuous video transmission from your dash cam. It is rarely necessary for the day-to-day management of your operations. Live streaming can also be expensive as the service charges per minute or per GB.

Dashcams are often used to monitor what happened after an incident has occurred. With the right solution (like Thinkware!), continuous video clips can be accessed in recorded seconds. Eliminating the high cost of not being in live view. If the constant movement of a given vehicle is important to you, then live view is great.

Are Dash Cams Difficult To Install Or Use?

Can my drivers disconnect drives? Are they always online? The good news is that on-board cams are easy to set up and do not require professional installation. Aside from Thinkware easy installation instructions, adding dash cams to your fleet is not a difficult task.

Different mounting options provide different levels of security and personal business choice based on use case. Dashcams stay online even if your car hasn’t been driven for a period of time and won’t drain your car’s battery. With the Thinkware standby feature, our system delivers media events whether the vehicle is in traffic or not.

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