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Benefits of Installing a Wetroom in Your Custom Home in Dallas

Wetrooms are trending these days. Custom home builders Dallas incorporate them into their design plan to upgrade the aesthetics and overall look of the property. 

Speaking of owners…

They can enjoy the higher house resale value when they install luxury features in their custom homes. 

Besides these obvious benefits, there are countless other reasons why having a wetroom in your Dallas custom home is a good idea. 

We have created this post to walk you through some of the amazing benefits of installing a wetroom in your custom property. 

Also, we’re going to shed light on a few disadvantages to give you a clear idea of what you should or shouldn’t expect from this user-friendly yet expensive custom upgrade. 

Benefits of having a wetroom

Make the bathroom look roomier

The biggest advantage of creating a wetroom is that it makes your entire bathroom look roomy and spacious. 

Because there is no visible shower tray installed on the floor, the surface material can shine throughout the room. This is also because the wall doesn’t require a divider to hold shower water. 

Wetrooms enable you to exclude multiple transitions and stick to the basic layout (that doesn’t include any steps or tubs). Because of this, anyone can use a shower space without worrying about the risk of slips, trips, and falls. 

Multiple design options

You don’t really have to follow any specific design rules when building a wetroom inside your custom home. 

Sure, the space needs to be waterproof. But other than that, you’re free to experiment with different fixtures, finishes, as well as shapes. 

What’s important for you to understand is not all wetrooms are created alike. Some wetrooms are just tiny spaces jammed with the essentials. Then there are luxurious glass-enclosed wetrooms that successfully divide your bathroom from the shower area. 

So basically, what you should or shouldn’t install and include depends on the area and surface materials you have used. 

Higher aesthetic value

If you want to add the WOW factor to your custom home construction, wetrooms can be your safest bid. The tiled area, advanced fixtures, an open-plan layout – all add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. 

Installing a wetroom inside your custom home Dallas will give a feel of a luxury hotel room where you can enjoy a relaxing bath surrounded by the best possible materials and accessories available to date. 

It can increase your property’s resale value

Luxury homes are always priced more than the average homes. An add-on as simple as a wetroom will rank your property in the list of luxury houses available for sale in your area. 


As mentioned above, wetrooms can make your bathroom look and feel more spacious. This means if you have a small property, you can get the benefits of a functional shower space by investing in a wetroom. 

It is easier to clean and maintain

Unlike shower enclosures, wetrooms are easier to clean and maintain. Because there are no transitions or surface variations, you can use a single cleaner for sweeping and mopping. 

Better accessibility

Wetrooms provide greater accessibility to households that have elderly or someone with limited mobility at home. They don’t have to step up on the shower tray that could be riskier for older people or those whose movement is limited. 

Easy to install

Wet Room installation is easier than you think. All you need is an expert and experienced home builder in Dallas who can help you build your dream wetroom using premium-quality materials.


Because of the floor-to-ceiling tiling requirements, wetrooms are resistant to water and moisture damage. 

Wetrooms need minimal maintenance if you compare them with dedicated shower enclosures or other conventional shower layouts. 


Tiling a wetroom can be an expensive affair

Excess moisture is one of the top concerns in the wetroom. To counter this, you must ensure the entire place is covered in tiles.  Even in some cases, you may have to cover your ceiling with tiles as well. 

Covering all of the surfaces can get expensive, adding a lot of bucks to your bathroom-building budget. 

Excess moisture

There’s no need to worry if your builder already knows what he’s doing. But just imagine the intensity of loss if your wet room fails to prevent moisture and stays wet all the time. 

The cost of installing a wetroom in your custom home in Dallas

As discussed above, wetrooms are an expensive investment. According to Fixr, an average-sized wetroom can cost you anywhere between $20k and $21k. 

Only your contractor can provide you with an exact estimate of building a wetroom in your home. 

Hence make sure you talk to them during the budgeting phase to get a clear idea of how much extra you’ll need in your hands to build a dream wetroom in your custom home in Dallas.

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