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If you are looking for a coworking space in the UAE, you have several options. WitWork, a company based in the UAE, offers a variety of options for entrepreneurs and companies. WitWork is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by providing them with a flexible working environment.


Letswork is a co-working space marketplace that allows members to find and rent meeting rooms, offices, and private spaces to meet their needs. It has 150 locations across the UAE and Bahrain, and has over 30,000 members. The Emirati-founded tech start-up hopes to grow its network to 1,000 locations by the end of this year, and is also exploring other markets, such as New York.

Letswork co-working space in Dubai offers flexible, pop-up locations. Whether you are looking for a quiet, private office or an open space with plenty of natural light, you can find your ideal office at Letswork. The flexibility of the co-working space is important for freelancers, as they often prefer quieter spaces for working.

Members can sign up for a day-to-day, weekly, or monthly package and pay on demand. Memberships start at AED 39 per day. Monthly packages start at AED 490. You can also sign up for a quarterly plan for AED 1,299, and choose a package for as long as you need it.

Dubai’s vast free zones offer a variety of flexible-space solutions, but there are also implied restrictions that limit the growth of third-party operators. Fortunately, these restrictions have largely had a positive effect, as they have allowed new businesses to enter the office market and introduced world-class co-working players. As a result, demand for co-working spaces has increased and investors are becoming more educated about the higher return on investment.

Cloud Spaces

If you are looking for a workspace in Dubai, look no further than Cloud Spaces. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to encourage collaboration and creativity. Whether you’re a freelancer or an established business, Cloud Spaces will provide the perfect working environment. Their fully furnished offices and spacious lounges are ideal for brainstorming ideas. They also offer boardrooms and meeting rooms for a daily rental fee of AED 300 per hour or AED 1800 per day.

Designed to encourage collaboration, Cloud Spaces are a fresh and flexible co working space that caters to the rapidly changing business landscape in the UAE. These spacious, open spaces offer a relaxing atmosphere and encourage social interaction. A co-working space is an excellent way to meet new business contacts and collaborate with other professionals. In addition to providing an ideal workspace, Cloud Spaces feature a lounge area with plush sofas, private meeting rooms, and pods.

Cloud Spaces offers co working memberships, including Cloud Commingle and Cloud On The Go. It also offers hotdesking services in Dubai at Yas Mall and ADGM. Another option for coworking in Dubai is ServCorp’s two coworking centers in Etihad Tower and World Trade Center.

Flat6 labs

If you’re looking for a co-working space in Dubai, Flat6Labs is a great place to start. The space is located in twofour54 building in Abu Dhabi. This location is ideal for startups that need a flexible, open office space. It offers all the amenities that a startup would need, including a fully-equipped kitchenette and internet facilities. The prices vary, depending on the type of start-up business you’re looking to start.

Co-working spaces offer the convenience of shared workspaces and are equipped with the latest technology. They also have a communal feel, which helps create a sense of community. In addition, co-working spaces are often more affordable than private office spaces. They also often offer amenities such as meeting rooms and coffee corners. Co-working spaces have become a popular destination for entrepreneurs and freelancers across the UAE.

Flat6Labs is a startup accelerator that offers seed stage funding to promising companies. The company has over $85 million in AUM and is funded by 25 leading institutions. It also provides support to its members, helping them find mentors and access investors. Its program aims to create a thriving community of Abu Dhabi’s entrepreneurs.

AstroLabs, an alumnus of Flat6Labs, has a 6000-square-foot co-working space in Dubai. Users report a friendly, collaborative environment and a fantastic mentorship program. The space also offers meeting rooms and events, so entrepreneurs can connect with the right people.


With a global network of coworking spaces, Regus offers a professional environment for working professionals. These spaces offer meeting rooms, business lounges, and workspaces. Membership to Regus is easy, and its facilities make it easy for small to medium-sized companies to get started and stay productive. Moreover, the service is designed to alleviate the hassle of property management.

With Regus, businesses can focus on their business, while the coworking space provider will take care of the infrastructure and office space requirements. The Regus app will alert customers about the latest offers and benefits. In addition, there are four different types of Regus coworking space in Abu Dhabi, each of which offers unique benefits for businesses.

If you are looking for a collaborative environment, Regus Coworking space in Abu Dhabi offers private office space, meeting rooms, and parking. The coworking space has a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere, and many amenities. Its amenities include high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a lounge. In addition to the amenities, Regus offers a variety of packages at varying prices. For example, the weekly package costs AED 150, the monthly package costs AED 350, and the quarterly package is AED 900.

Another notable international coworking space provider, Regus Coworking space is now open in Abu Dhabi. Located on the Corniche Road, the facility is home to over 1,200 desks, a lounge, and a meeting room. A membership in WeWork starts at AED 1,200 per month and allows users access to workspaces whenever they need. For this price, it’s a good option for businesspeople looking for affordable workspace in Abu Dhabi.

Astrolabs Dubai

Astrolabs Dubai offers an excellent coworking experience with flexible hours and an inclusive environment. Located just a short walk from the public transport system, Astrolabs is open around the clock. With on-site showers and a welcoming atmosphere, this workspace caters to a diverse group of entrepreneurs. The space has been designed for flexibility, and the owners are always happy to answer questions. If you are thinking about joining the community, you should consider signing up for a free one-week trial membership. Alternatively, you can pay a licenced membership that offers valuable resources for your small business, including a free business registration.

As the region’s premier coworking space for digital technology companies, Astrolabs Dubai not only provides the necessary infrastructure for startups to establish a presence in the UAE, but also provides them with a global platform to grow and expand. It also offers practical training programs, including courses on web analytics, mobile analytics, coding, and digital marketing. It also offers subsidies for company licenses, which include access to a global network and IBM Cloud Credit.

Astrolabs has a wide range of amenities, from free Wi-Fi to a community library and cinema screening room. Its convenient location in JLT makes it an ideal coworking space, and its partnership with Google For Entrepreneurs and IBM help make it a great place to work.


Servcorp is a company that provides a secure IT infrastructure for its clients. Its workspaces feature free WiFi, dedicated secretaries, and access to copiers, scanners, and printers. It also has a global-led IT department and offers a range of services, including lockers for personal equipment. Servcorp has two locations in Abu Dhabi, which offer various price structures and features.

The Servcorp co-working space in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provides dynamic, collaborative workspaces and offers an array of business services. Servcorp members are connected to an exclusive network of more than 40,000 global clients. They can exchange knowledge, expertise, and business leads with other members of the community. In addition, Servcorp’s business forums offer the opportunity for members to network with other business owners and grow their businesses.

Servcorp has a variety of coworking packages to suit various requirements. The Dedicated package is the best option for regular users, while the Hot Desk package is more affordable for occasional users. Servcorp also offers a membership package for students. There are different options available to suit different budgets, so choose one that suits your needs and your business plan.

The Emirates Towers co-working space is part of Servcorp, a global provider of workspace solutions. Its design is flexible and suited to the needs of businesses from all sectors. With the help of the latest technology, Servcorp has incorporated a collaborative office ecosystem for all its customers. As part of this strategy, Servcorp has invested USD 16 million in improving its workspace solutions. Its new co-working template offers are being rolled out across its global network. The company believes that co-working solutions help companies reduce their capital expenditure by 50%. These benefits are particularly advantageous for businesses that are just beginning their expansion in emerging markets.


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