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Best Digital Marketing Institute With Placement and Certificate

Taking admission in digital marketing institutes near you is the best way to learn the subject. A good education will help you acquire the skills needed to enhance your career and become a great digital marketer rapidly.


In this post, the best digital marketing institutes near you in 2023 are listed. The list includes both paid and free digital marketing training programs from well-known digital marketing institutes or courses.


Who ought to take a course in digital marketing?


Everyone employed by a company with an online presence, not simply digital marketing specialists, needs to have knowledge of digital marketing. This group includes small business owners, marketing managers, marketing specialists, and marketing managers.


Why are these the greatest digital marketing courses available online?


By searching Google for “digital marketing courses,” you can find several courses that cover a variety of digital marketing disciplines. You might not be able to gain a complete understanding of all accessible digital marketing platforms if, for example, certain courses only cover social media marketing or SEO.


The goal of this list is to showcase in-depth digital marketing programmes that cover several areas, not just one. There are a variety of course types and ability levels available on the list for novice, intermediate, and advanced users.


Best Digital Marketing Institutes With Certifiction


The Academy of Digital Marketing’s digital marketing courses with certification


In the Institute listed below, one topic that is well addressed is digital marketing training.


The “Academy of Digital Marketing” Institute offers the following courses both online and in-person.


  • Optimization for search engines
  • Internet Advertising
  • generation of content
  • Email advertising
  • Affiliate promotion
  • Internet marketing
  • Use of social media
  • conversing in English
  • ORM
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Development of a Website


The faculty of the aforementioned institute is very cooperative and meticulously instructs the training sessions.


Reliablesoft Academy (Paid with Certification)


We at Reliablesoft offer a comprehensive education in digital marketing. Reliablesoft has provided comprehensive digital marketing services, including SEO, since 2002.


The eleven courses that make up the digital marketing course bundle cover every important aspect of the subject. It specifically includes the following courses:


  • Basics of digital marketing
  • Ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ads by Google
  • optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • keyword analysis
  • Content promotion
  • email advertising
  • Internet Analytics (including Google Analytics 4)
  • using social media
  • Shopify SEO


After finishing the course and passing the required exams, you are awarded a digital marketing certification that you can highlight on your resume and use to find new employment opportunities.


Why enrol in this course?


We developed this digital marketing course based on our experience working with customers in a range of industries and the feedback we received from our students.


Because it will lead you through the process of using digital marketing to improve your online presence, this course stands out from the competitors.


As a pro-active digital marketing company, we experiment with different theories and methods to continuously enhance our processes. After that, the outcomes are applied to our online courses.


This allows you to focus on digital marketing strategies and approaches that have been shown to work rather than just those that make sense in theory.


Each course carefully covers a certain digital marketing channel and includes checklists and helpful ideas you can apply in your digital marketing activities.


It is suitable for beginners and everyone who needs to quickly learn digital marketing.


The course materials are regularly updated to reflect the most latest digital marketing techniques and strategies.


Semrush Academy (Free with Certification)


Semrush creates one of the most effective digital marketing tools. To better serve their customers and audience, they created an academy with a number of free digital marketing courses.


They provide training across the board for digital marketing, including:


  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing


Many of the courses are available in Spanish in addition to the course’s primary language of English.


After completing the course and examinations for free, you will be awarded a certification.


The course materials are both text- and video-based, and all courses are taught by reputable authorities in digital marketing.


While some of the courses particularly cover using Semrush, other topics covered in the courses include SEO fundamentals, PPC principles, technical SEO, and social media marketing, among others, are more broad in scope. They cover both fundamental and sophisticated concepts.


Why enrol in this course?


These courses have the advantage of being taught by experts in the subject who not only explain the various topics but also demonstrate how to apply them.


You’ll also learn how to use Semrush correctly, which will increase your chances of running successful digital marketing campaigns.


ClickMinded Online Course for Digital Marketing (Paid with Certification)


The company ClickMinded was co-founded by Tommy Griffith. Tommy is an experienced SEO expert and SEO trainer. He has experience working on SEO projects for companies like Airbnb and Paypal.


In addition to a Digital Marketing Training course package that has all the information needed to become an expert in digital marketing, they provide a selection of online marketing courses that cover various marketing channels.


The following 7 themes are specifically covered in their digital marketing course:


  • Use of social media
  • Content Promotion
  • Email Promotion
  • Paid Promotion
  • Revenue Funnels
  • Internet Analytics
  • Optimization for search engines


The fact that each course is taught by professionals who are already employed by major businesses in the sector is an intriguing aspect of the Click Minded bundle.


Free registration for their Digital Marketing Framework Masterclass is available, however the complete access to the bundle costs $1997. (a once-off fee). Each course comes with a certificate and a 14-day money-back guarantee.


I have the following recommendation for you: Taking their masterclass course can help you save even more money even if the courses are already discounted (the original cost is $6,979). After registering for the free course, you will start receiving emails with better discounts on the paid courses.


Why sign up for this course?


Of course, not everyone ought to enrol in this course. If you work for a small or independent business, the cost is high, but it is not a problem.


If you are willing to pay the price, this instruction will surely be valuable. You can use this course to drill deeper and look at every facet of digital marketing if you’ve taken the Google Garage and Semrush courses and are comfortable with the basics.


I also suggest subscribing to their email because they post high-quality content on their blog (on a number of subjects relating to digital marketing).


HubSpot Online Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)


Another alternative to study digital marketing online and get certified by a respected institution is through Hubspot Digital Academy.


Hubspot, one of the leading companies in the field of digital marketing, provides a range of services, including CRM, SEO tools, content marketing, and sales.


The following subjects are addressed in the online digital marketing courses offered by Hubspot:


  • Internet marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • Email Promotion
  • Use of social media
  • Relevant Marketing


You obtain a recognised certification after finishing the course, and registration is free.


They provide a number of uncertified courses on subjects like blogging, Facebook ads, SEO, and other online marketing channels in addition to the aforementioned courses.


Why enrol in this course?


Even if you don’t plan to use HubSpot’s tools in your marketing initiatives, their online courses were really well done. The ones that interest you can be read when you have some time.


All of the courses are taught by Sujan Patel and Matthew Barby, two well-known professionals in digital marketing with years of experience in the sector. The courses are free, and navigating the learning environment is simple.


Udemy Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)


Udemy is one of the most well-known online learning sites. They offer classes on a range of subjects covering every aspect of marketing, such as SEO, Google Ads, and sales.


One of the courses that completely covers Digital Marketing is the 12-course Complete Digital Marketing Training Course Bundle. subjects include:


  • Market Analysis
  • Installing WordPress
  • SEO
  • SEO Articles
  • Video Marketing
  • Ads by Google
  • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • App Promotion
  • Email Promotion
  • Internet Analytics
  • Use of social media
  • Instagram Ads


The training includes certification in digital marketing despite the cost. Even though it costs $99, if you shop around for a little, you might find it for less. Register for an Udemy account, add the course to your wish list, and then watch for a sale.


Why enrol in this course? Although they might be designed for the masses without paying much regard to detail, the Udemy courses I’ve tried in the past haven’t really won me over. In some cases, the course description contains more promises than the actual course material can deliver.


It’s a worthwhile investment, though, if you can get this course for less than $99 in price. A novice may easily understand how the various marketing components work because it includes everything from website marketing to social media promotion.


Academy Of Digital Marketing


It is a beginner’s course that contains:


  • SEO
  • on social media
  • Pay-Per-Click (Facebook and Google Ads) (Facebook and Google Ads)
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Promotion
  • Marketing via email and mobile devices


Why enrol in this course?


The inclusion of walkthroughs for more than 100 digital marketing tools is a fantastic aspect of this course. By the time you’re done, you’ll be fully aware of the tools you should use in your digital marketing initiatives. Along with this course, it also gets you ready to pass and get certified in Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, and YouTube. If you work for a company and need to convince your boss to sign up for a digital marketing course, this is a really great choice from a trustworthy provider.


Udacity Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)


Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree programme is another high-end course in digital marketing training.


It includes all the information you need to become a digital marketer, such as:


  • Basics of Online Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Use of social media
  • Facebook’s Social Media Advertising Blueprint
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • Google Ads Search Engine Marketing
  • Dispatch Marketing
  • Email Promotion
  • Measure with Google Analytics to improve



Why enrol in this course?


This course differs from others that are provided online in that you will have access to career services, a technical mentor, and a personal career counsellor in addition to the course material. If you are new to digital marketing and need someone to talk to about technical issues with and seek advice on how to further your career, this is extremely helpful.


Of course, the aforementioned services are not free. To continue having access to the course materials and services, you must continue to pay a $399 monthly subscription fee. The content is expected to take you at least three months to complete.


This training is undoubtedly beneficial for beginners, albeit it may not be for everyone. Paying $399 a month for a course subscription is pricey for independent contractors or people who work for themselves, thus this is more appropriate for marketers working with large companies who can afford it.



Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Courses (Paid with Certification)


In addition to Digital Garage, Google also provides a range of digital marketing courses through Grow with Google and other partners. One example of this is the Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce courses that are offered through Coursera. The courses, which are designed by Google marketing specialists, may be accessed by subscribing to Coursera Plus for $39 per month. Google offers seven different online courses that last roughly 24 hours each.


This course is recommended for those who have experience with analogue marketing and want to transition to digital marketing. This course is not the best choice if you’re looking for effective digital marketing tactics to increase your traffic and sales.


  • introduction to online shopping and digital marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) (SEM)
  • Use of social media (including strategy, planning, and analytics)
  • Email Promotion
  • Analytics for marketing
  • eCommerce (includes developing an online store) (including building an online store)
  • eCommerce Promotion
  • Retargeting


You receive the Google Digital Marketing and e-commerce certification, which is recognised by the American Advertising Federation and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, after finishing all of the courses. Why enrol in this course? The courses are created for people who want to learn employable skills and begin working as junior digital marketers. The lectures are easy to follow and suitable for students who have no prior experience with digital marketing. Coursera offers a 7-day free trial so customers can examine the content before selecting a subscription plan.

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