Best Methods to Migrate PST file to Office 365 Mailbox in an Efficient Way

Summary: This article majorly focuses on how a user can migrate PST file to Office 365 mailbox. we have explained some benefits of moving PST to O365. In addition to that, we have mentioned some common manual methods and an alternative solution that can help the users to execute this process without losing any data.

Why a User Should Migrate PST file to Office 365 Mailbox – Overview

PST file format is used to store emails, contacts, calendars, but MS Outlook users know that the PST files are fragile. One wrong move while dealing with Outlook files and users may lose or corrupt their data.

However, moving the important PST files to Office 365 will be the best thing to do. And in this article, we will explain some methods that can help them to migrate PST file to Office 365 mailbox. We have listed some benefits of uploading PST files to Office 365.

Merits of Moving PST Files to Office 365

Moving your PST data to Office 365 can be a good decision as it provides various features and functionalities which give a boost to the organizations to increase their productivity. We have mentioned some benefits that users can have when they migrate PST file to Office 365 mailbox.

Accessibility – This makes it easier for the users to access and share their email files from any remote location when users have stable internet connection to access.

Cost And Maintenance: No need to pay the maintenance cost. Users just need to create an account and buy a subscription plan. Rest Microsoft manages the overall cloud infrastructure. It also handles the mail structure.

Efficiency: Opting Office 365 could be a good choice. As it works seamlessly, and it frees ups the time of the IT management team and gives them extra time to focus on the other tasks to enhance their productivity.

Security: When dealing with crucial data, several companies are concerned about the cloud platform’s security. O365 uses automatic encryption which is the vital in-built feature that it uses to ensure users’ data is protected.

Available Methods to Upload PST to Office 365 Web

  • Network upload method

Firstly, the user needs to upload the PST files temporary in the Azure Storage location in the Microsoft cloud. Then use the Microsoft 365 Import service to import the PST data to O365.

Users have to follow the steps while uploading PST data using the Network upload process.

  1. Install the AzCopy and copy the SAS URL.
  2. Now, users need to upload their PST files to Office 365.
  3. After that, the user has to create a mapping file for PST import.
  4. Then, make a PST import Job.
  5. Finally, filter the data and begin the PST import job.

Using this method users will be able to migrate PST file to Office 365 mailbox. Though, it will take some time as the user has to follow and repeat all the steps, if a user is migrating multiple PST files

  • Drive Shipping

Initially the user is required to take backup of the PST files which the they wants to migrate. Then upload the PST data in a hard drive with is encrypted using BitLocker. Now physically ship drive which contains PST files to Microsoft. When Microsoft receives the hard drive, the data center team will then move the data from the hard drive to the Azure Storage location in the Microsoft cloud for a temporary purpose. Then the user will use the O365 Import service to upload PST to Office 365 web. After that, users can easily access data and share it on Office 365.

Note – Before using this method users should ensure that they have a Microsoft 365 account. Because to upload the PST files to O365, the user should have an account in it.

  • Most Recommended Method for the User

Generally, organizations have a clear mind that shifting to a cloud platform will increase their productivity and make their work easier. But when it comes to the migration process many users don’t know how to migrate PST file to Office 365 mailbox. And if there is a way to move PST data to O365 then they look for a reliable and easy solution that takes less time.

Well, fortunately, there is a one-stop solution that a user/organization can use to upload all their PST files to Microsoft 365 by using the Most Trusted Import PST to Office 365 Tool.

Here users have to follow the tool steps to execute the process safely.

  • To start the import process user, need to install and run the software and type the O 365 credentials and press the login button. (Mark the check box “Is-office 365 admin” if the user is an admin).

  • Next, press the “Add Files” option and choose the folder which contains PST files.

  • After the PST folder selection, the user will see a list of PST files and mention the email addresses. Credentials will get validated simultaneously. Then press Next.

  • Now, select the items which need to be migrated. Users can also set the date filters if they want.

  • After following all the steps, press the Import button to upload PST to Office 365 web.


Several firms are showing their interest to move their data on the cloud platform and making it possible for users to Migrate PST file to Office 365 mailbox. So that users can conveniently work from any place without any hassle. To make this process easier, we have mentioned some manual and professional methods to complete this upload migration.

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