Best Programming Languages for Web Development Purposes


Web development is surely one of the hottest in-demand skills of the 21st century. We can literally project our imagination and create the web application of our dreams. But in order to create a website and add various functionality to it, we require a tool which can convert our thought process and imagination into reality. This void is filled up by the various programming languages which are use to add functionality and dynamism to the websites.

So here is the list of some best programming languages which are use for web development around the world.


JavaScript is without a doubt the rightful King of online development and the most popular language among the top IT companies which provides the best website development services in India. It’s also the only language that allows you to construct both frontend and backend web applications, as well as mobile apps (using React Native library of javascript ). All the wonder and dynamic behavior of your website comes from javascript code. 

Javascript’s strength is not just that it can run on both the browser and the server using Nodejs, but also that it provides fantastic frameworks and libraries for web and app development. Some of the most notable javascript frameworks are React.js, Angular, React Native, Next.Js and many more.


PHP is one of the oldest programming languages, exemplifying the phrase “old is gold” since, despite its two-decade history, it is still a very relevant language for developing web applications. It’s a dynamic server-side scripting language that lets programmers build sophisticated online applications.

The fact that more than 70% of the modern websites that you see have their backend supported by PHP clearly depicts the dominance and importance of this language in web development. Even the highly acclaimed website creating software ‘Wordpress’ is make on PHP. Laravel is the prominent framework of PHP which is use by developers around the world. So having a thorough understanding of PHP will surely help you get a job as web developer or build a great web application of your own.


Ruby is a highly popular scripting language which has an integral part of web development for a very long time. It allows developers to make highly efficient and scalable web applications in a short duration of time. Ruby is also load with modules. Which greatly reduces the task of a developer and helps them to create more robust web applications.

Ruby on Rails(RoR) is perhaps the most popular web development framework by which we can create the full stack( both frontend and backend) web applications. Some of the most notable websites which are created using ruby on rails are Shopify, github, Twitter and many more. Moreover the RoR developers are in a huge demand right now which is another reason why you should learn ruby for web development.


It’s time to introduce the most acclaimed programming language of the 21st century. Almost every sector like web development, AI and machine learning, finance and many more finds the use of python in one way or another. Moreover, it is a very beginner friendly language with easy syntax and comes with a lot of modules through which we can build almost anything.

In the web development field, python offers some of the best frameworks. Like django and flask to build highly efficient backend web applications. Some of the most popular websites like Youtube, spotify and instagram have their backend coded .


HTML and CSS are not explicitly in the category of programming languages. But it is perhaps the most important component of any web development project. A creation of the website is not possible without these two.

HTML or Hypertext markup language is use to give a structure and body to the website inside. Which the content will reside while CSS(Cascading styles sheet) is use for the designing .

CSS comes with a plethora of frameworks like bootstrap, tailwind css and many more which are used by the best web design company in India to create eye-catching and wonderful websites. Matebiz is one of those companies who provide graphic design services in India and often look for developers who are great with CSS.


It may seem a bit unusual to include Java in the list of best programming languages. For web development as java is known better for creating android base mobile applications. But in reality it is one of the best languages for creating highly sophisticated back web applications.

The web applications base on Java are make using its highly acclaim framework known as Spring.. Which is load with all the modern features and modules to build the perfect web application. Moreover, some of the popular tech giants like Google, microsoft. On this framework to create robust web applications . Which has ultimately led to the increase in demand of the Spring developers in the market.

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