Best time to visit Kashmir

Kashmir is often referred to as “heaven on earth,” and Mughal king Jahangir is credited with coining the phrase. Kashmir is best visited between the months of March and August. Tourists Travel to Kashmir Valley to view this ‘heaven on earth’ and enjoy everything it has to offer. During this time, Kashmir has two seasons. Summer (March to early May) and Spring (March to early May) are two distinct seasons (early May to late August). This is the best time to visit Kashmir because of the spring blossoms and the cool summer temps. Simply looking at it transports you to another universe. The beauty of Kashmir is incredibly fascinating, and you’ll want to start arranging your next trip as soon as possible.

Kashmir In Summer (March to May)

Summers in Kashmir are hot, the evenings can be rather cold, even while the days are warm.

Why you should visit now

Summer in Kashmir is thrilling due to the abundance of lovely flowers that bloom in the Mughal Gardens during this time. Kashmir attracts a huge number of pilgrims who seek to travel to Amarnath for the Amarnath Yatra during the summer. Summer is probably the best time to visit Kashmir because other places like Pahalgam and Sonamarg are breathtaking. With such pleasant weather, it’s no surprise that many people choose Kashmir for their summer holidays. However, it is best to avoid visiting Jammu during this time of year because it can be extremely hot.

Monsoon (June to September)

Rainfall during the monsoon season helps to alleviate some of the summer heat, especially in areas such as Jammu. Jammu gets a lot of rain and can become rather humid, but Srinagar is kept at a comfortable temperature. However, because not all parts of Kashmir receive the same amount of rainfall, the weather varies greatly.

Why you should visit Kashmir now

Because the monsoons are consider off season by many, you’ll be able to get good deals on hotels and package tours, saving you money. Flight tickets are also reasonably priced at this time. The monsoon is also apple-picking season in Kashmir, and if you’re fortunate enough to be able to partake in this activity, consider yourself fortunate.

Winter (November to February)

The weather is much cooler now, with temperatures frequently falling below zero. At this time of year, the nights can get very cold, and snow can be seen in Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg. Kashmir in the winter can be rather fascinating for people who enjoy the idea of a winter wonderland. Jammu is the winter capital since it is not as cold as Srinagar.

Why you should visit now –

People visit Srinagar despite the fact that it is colder than Jammu. Of course, it’s possible that December and January will be too cold for visitors, but Kashmir in December has all the makings of a wonderful destination. The Pir-Panjal range is also completely covers in snow, producing a breathtaking scene. Winter is also a popular time for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. There are also cable car rides that are both magnificent and fantastic. The sea of white in Gulmarg can be magical if you’re a secretly a snow queen or king.

Autumn (October to November)

The weather has a chill to it at this time of year, owing to the fact that winter is approaching. It is, nevertheless, cool and not very frigid. It can get down to 0°C in the evenings and nights, and if you’re from a warmer climate, you’ll find this weather rather cold. Although the mornings can be foggy, the autumn sun is also soothing and warm.

Why you should visit Kashmir now –

Autumn turns regions like Srinagar and Dachigam into breathtaking panoramas, with the trees turning a golden tint. Because the weather is reasonably mild and not too chilly, many people consider this to be the best time to visit Kashmir. Apple picking and other harvesting activities take place during this period. With its brilliant colours, Kashmir is extremely attractive in the autumn.


Between March and August is the best time to visit Kashmir. It is sometimes refer to as “heaven on Earth” because of its perfect beauty. Because it is such a cold region, not all seasons are suitable for visiting. Kashmir is best visit in the winter and summer. Summer (March-May) and Spring (March-May) are the two seasons (early May-late August). so book your packages to kashmir with Swastik Holiday best tour and travel agency in mumbai.

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