Best Tourist Places to Visit Near Coimbatore

Everyone feels excited when we plan for a ‘trip”. 


Trip trips Us. 


The moment we make a trip plan, our minds started to manipulate the future happenings. Anxiety reaches the top head and it stays until we reach the destination. 


Yeah! Bruh I understand your feeling. Every gang has a spoiler who cancels the tour at the end of the moment. It is tough to make it happen. 


Generally, an On-spot tour plan and execution is the best idea as the trip is successfully taking place. 


Sudden and Surprise decisions are always special and are quite remembered for a long time. Tour gives us the best moments to create with our friends. 


You still mock and crack jokes on someone as they have done something at the trip that is remembered by you. The trip gives you the best moment and it gives you a break from routine. 


Your mind gets relaxed and you will have a fresh start. 


Coimbatore, the City of Tourism


Coimbatore, Manchester of Tamil Nadu, is known for its weather and awesome climatic conditions. 


This is because the city is surrounded by hill stations and the best tourist places. People have easy travel access to the best tourist spots from Coimbatore. 


If you are residing at Coimbatore then you shall spend your weekends happily making an adventurous trip. Coimbatore has many tourist attractions in and around the city limit than any other city in Tamil Nadu or India. Recently I migrated to Coimbatore.


At first, I lived a boring life of Work to Home and Home to Work. Thank God. I got good friends and connections here. Couldn’t remember the date, but one weekend, me and my friends got no commitments. 


We felt so bored and we decided to for a one day trip nearby to our town. Altogether we are a group of 7 people. We felt that the bike ride is not safe and we get tired that makes it more difficult to continue our routine the next day.


 Also, we don’t have a car. So we decided to book a cab. 


We were searching for the best service providers and finally, we booked Redtaxi Cab.


Best Tourist Places Near Coimbatore


We were so confused to choose the best spot as our city has many tourists spots. I was so worried about where to go because I’m the organiser of the trip. 


I enquired about many tour packages from different cab services. But I’m a little impressed with their offers and it’s not up to the mark. 


As we are in dilemma to choose the destination so we came up an idea to choose the place. 


We wrote the tourist places in small chits, well-shuffled and decided to select the chit. But it didn’t happen just like that. Though I and my friends are matured enough, our childish character hid within came out. 


We played an inky pinky punky game to elect a person. 


In fact, it was really fun and my friend luckily made it throughout the game to select the chit. We chose to visit some places within 3 days at a single stretch. 


The places we were onto visit was Ooty, Conoor, Kothegiri and Black Thunder. 




A hill station that is known for many tourist spots. Ooty has attracted many visitors even foreigners. The chill and blissful climate make you stay for a long time. 


It is commonly termed as “Queen of Hills”.


 Ooty is the best choice for you to spend your weekends and especially during the summer vacation. I enjoyed a lot feeling the breeze and having a cup of hot chocolate on the eve. 


Parks is full of grass and trees that made my snaps look even more attractive and nice. Still my childhood I didn’t get a chance to experience waterfalls. 


Finally, I went with fear and I was the one who prolonged the time in enjoying the waterfalls. 


Ooty has many best places like Thottapeta, Rose Garden and what not. 




A place where you can taste the real flavours of Tea. When I’m at travel, I had a break at my ride, stopped near a tea shop. 


The first sip touched my soul. 


I bought a couple of tea packs from Coonoor. Like Ooty, Coonoor too had well-known waterfalls. Adding to other places, Coonoor offers a trekking experience to you. 


Yes! I just had a thrilling experience from start to finish of the trekking. 


It was so good to have a different experience altogether. I just found a place that perfectly suits outbound training at Coonoor. 


A better tourist destination to try out. 




The hill station to spend your leisure days. Kothegiri is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the breeze climate. 


There are some famous tourist spots like Kodanadu and filming spots are located there. The weather is so refreshing and romantic. It is a famous hill station and I went to the spot added to visiting Ooty and Coonoor. 


If you are lucky enough you can have a chance to sight the wild animals. The waterfalls located in Kothageri gives me the goosebump. 


Thanks to Redtaxi


You may think that the package cost will be huge.


 But the truth is “Definitely NOT”. Red taxi has prepared a chart that gives the best tour package that none can offer in the market. 


Thanks to Redtaxi.


 I visited many places in a single go. The driver drove the car very decently and they are so friendly throughout the journey. The condition of the car is so good. 


I feel safe on my trip and I personally recommend you to book a ride for trips/tours.

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