Best Winter Linen Dresses for Women

It’s past mid-October and the chilly gushy winds are making their way to Punjab right now. The northern areas have already started to experience cold weather out there. So get ready to wrap yourselves in the warmest of clothes. For all of you who just pick up clothes the instant they like and have zero knowledge about fabrics and materials, this article is a great guideline for you all.

All you should know

Well, for all those fashionistas who aspire to impress everyone around them but have no clue of what material they are wearing, keep reading to find out. As soon as the winter season hits, we all start taking out our warm clothes that are usually based on fabrics such as khaddar, karandi, linen fabric, cotton, viscose, velvet, raw silk, and silk. Out of all these fabrics, the most common ones to be used by women and all clothing brands is khaddar, linen and silk.

From these winter fabrics, our top pick are the linen dresses. It is so because firstly, linen clothes are quite warm, the texture of the fabric is very smooth and flowy, and lastly, it is quite easy to wash, dry and manage the linen suits.  Ladies, if you’re looking for some head starters as to where to buy your linen dresses from this year, we shall guide you through all the stores and their range of clothes launched this year.

Some Best Pakistani Brands Where You Can Buy Linen Dresses For Women


Khaas has launched its luxury linen dresses unstitched collection in their winter capsule this year which is quite affordable and extremely perfect in quality. This collection is solely based on linen fabric and the best part is that all unstitched suits come in three pieces. Printed shirt panels, printed dupattas and trousers, all in linen fabric. Some of the hit articles that ladies have liked the most so far include include “Hawa Mahal”, Jharoka”, “Veil”, “Esfahan”, “Sikri” and “Begum Shah”. All of these unstitched linen suits are under Rs. 3500 only.

The prints are quite feminine, and the colour palette of the suits are also quite stylish and modern as per 2021’s trends. These linen dresses are a perfect option for sunny lunches, or formal parties and dinners and office meetings as well. You can probably enhance your look by adding some statement jewellery pieces, a fancy clutch and some chic heels for the complete boss-lady look.


Nishat is home to quality dressing for quite some years. It has made its mark based on the quality, variety and trending designs for women wear. This year’s winter collection at Nishat features fabrics such as khaddar, viscose, karandi, cotton karandi and yarn-dyed other than linen fabric. While we are still on the discussion related to linen suits, Nishat has also brought forwards its 3 piece unstitched linen suits for women under the price range of Rs. 3690.  Although they are slightly a few rupees high in price than Khaas’s luxury linen collection, the quality of the fabric is just fabulous.

Each three-piece suit comprises either printed or embroidered linen shirt panels, paired with linen shawls or dupattas and dyed linen pants to complete the look.

Sapphire’s Linen collection 2021

Sapphire’s scintillating linen viscose collection 2021 is all about sophistication and alluring digital prints this winter season. The collection however features shirt panels based on viscose linen fabric, which has a similar texture to that of linen but is slightly lightweight. Although the designs and prints of sapphire’s linen suits for ladies are quite captivating, yet they are a little pricey. Hence those ladies who have a liking for designer wear clothes will probably opt for these Pakistani linen suits. The price range starts from Rs. 3790 and goes up to Rs. 4990. Sapphire’s linen collection is also three-piece and includes digitally printed suits and some are embroidered. The designs are highly stylish and ideal for formal wear, to be worn to dinners, parties, and intimate events as well.

Maria B’s Linen collection

We all know who Maria b. is and what her brand stands for. Over the last couple of years or so, Maria b has launched her unstitched clothes collection for women in every season. This year too she didn’t leave any stone unturned with her linen collection 2021.

Her designer collection of unstitched linen suits are the epitome of class and modern wear. Every suit that you lay your eyes upon is simply worth drooling. The linen shirts, dupattas and trousers are all covered in mystic and beautiful digital prints, some with embroidered patched, velvet pattis, handwoven patched and many more. Maria B has outdone all other designers by combining linen unstitched fabric with other mediums of fabric to make it look more special and lively.

However, as we are aware of the fact that designer wear unstitched clothes are usually quite pricey, so be prepared to know before making up your mind, that this very linen collection is also quite high in price. The range starts from Rs, 6500 and goes up to Rs. 9800 and above. It’s is so because the suits are based on pure materials and specially designed prints and motifs to make the suits look royal and luxurious.

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