BeyondLife is the place to be for growth in the NFT sector.

In the fresh waters of the booming trade in the NFT trade sector, the conglomerate has taken the world by storm from its positive impact on the economy to its rise in popularity in the world of investment and business among individuals.

 Many brands and celebrities have jumped on board and frankly have been trailblazing the sector’s use cases. So it’s exposure while cleverly taking advantage of the public eye for good.

The impact has been global. The impact has not gone unnoticed by one of the world powers who is now conquering the sector in its own right. India has been making some serious moves in the NFT trade sector for it being a global player. This not only drives the pandering to the Indian audience globally but also the number of international players to invest in Indian and Indian-based products. Let’s look at how the NFT trade has made its mark on the Indian economy 

Impact of NFTs in India and its ripple effects.

NFTs have exponentially grown in the last couple of years. In the present age of the internet, global dominance has never been so close out of reach. It is more achievable to make it big in the NFT game than any other sector sharing its similarity. Indian audiences have received this new sector’s benefits with open arms and contributed to its evolution and vice versa.

Mea culpa the impact that the NFTs may have had some backlash on the environmental controversy. Many have found solace and a new start in the investment sector. Especially artists and creators. It is no small feat that the industry had successfully launched some of the lesser or amateur artists to the forefront, recognizing their talent on a global scale. In the midst of amateur and indie artists getting their much-deserved start, celebrities. Famous personalities are also taking advantage of the field with impressive involvement from their end. This further manifests more exposure to millions taking note and participating in the fun accompanied by tangible, real-life consequences.

Personalities that are influencing the industry are Amitabh Bachchan, Sunny Leone, Rajinikanth, cricket legends, and other various sports personalities. And all of them have shown up and shown in the spotlight once again with their grand launches, and investors and designers who had a hand on the NFTs got a small taste of the stardom by owning some digitized personalized items and souvenirs from their favorites.

The team behind the successful Amitabh Bachchan and “Chakra The Invincible” NFT launches.

GuardianLink, the no-code NFT launchpad platform that helps creators and businesses launch a custom marketplace to host their NFTs, is the minds backing the enticing BeyondLife.Club that is responsible for two of the biggest NFT launches in India the recent years have seen. They collaborated with Amitabh Bachchan and Stan Lee to bring you BigB and Chakraverse punks, respectively.

Amitabh Bachchan and the team joined forces with BeyondLife to bring about one of the biggest and the most important sales the fans of the superstar would ever have the pleasure of being a part of. The NFT collection consisted of exclusive poems from BigB’s father read in his voice, original signed movie posters, art punks, and a lot of other awesome goodies that raked in more than 8 crores at the time of the launch. In the chapters of NFT history it was termed as one of the most successful launches around the globe.

“Chakra The Invincible” is the epitome of a success story in the comic book realm and now in the NFT world. The Chakra NFTs were brought to you by collaboration with Orange Comet and POW! Entertainment – the team of the legendary “Stan Lee,” who was partly responsible for the inception of one of the greatest Indian superheroes – the Indian and the global market, has seen in terms of international reach. The iconic crossover from the Hollywood legend with the Indian audience made it all the more special. Beyondlife’s recent drop and its sale proved the reach . The NFTs collections were sold out in bunches in mere seconds.

A second chance to get your hands on some awesome assets.

Fret not if you feel you missed out on all the fun. The NFTs are getting listed back again at BeyondLife on their secondary market. NFT enthusiasts can sign up to get their hands on the listed items. Both the BigB punks and Chakra NFTs are teaming up this time. 

Investors and collectors who have already been lucky enough to get access to the NFTs  are interested in listing their NFTs back for trade. You can fix your set price and/or put your NFT up for auction with the desired base price. Simple as that. The BigB and Chakra NFTs can only be listed and traded on BeyondLife’s secondary market and not anywhere else. In recent times it is considered as one of the best marketplace in India because of its hype all over the world.

Start your new year with a bang.

NFTs represent the emotional bond between the creator and the holder, which is the special and irreplaceable bond. The artists and the creators essentially share their vulnerability.

NFTs are real assets in the sense that they assure assurance and safety within the net of an insured risk.  Make sure to keep watch for the marketplace to open up real soon. So you can also take part in history.

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